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Mojos Bar

237 Queen Victoria St, North Fremantle, WA
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Mojos Bar loves live original music seventeen days a week. It loves it local and foreign, hard and soft, new and old, obvious and obscure, friendly and furious… you get the idea. From international touring acts with a penchant for intimacy to unknown locals with something else in their eye. If you like your music original and you like it good then get your mojo here.

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Mojos Bar Review

Review by Shannon Wood

Mojos Bar is one of those places you feel instantly cooler just by walking in. Located in North Fremantle away from the more rowdy nightclubs and bars, Mojos is an ideal place to become acquainted with the local and international music scene.

Housed in an old colonial building, Mojos is a compact bar/music venue, with a courtyard out back and enough room to show your moves on the dance floor inside. The decor at Mojos is ‘shabby chic’, some old chairs and benches are placed out back in the courtyard, and inside the mood-lighting create a chilled atmosphere.

Most of the interior of Mojos is taken up with the dance floor (which we did unleash our moves on) and bar, with band posters littering the walls. In the courtyard there is a pool table, and fosse ball table – simple, yet functional decor.

The night I went to Mojos we took public transport, which was more convenient than I originally thought. We got on the Fremantle line in Perth City and got off at the North Fremantle stop; from there it was just a 5 minute walk (10 minutes for a group of girls in ridiculously high shoes).The entry fee varies at Mojos depending what bands are playing there on the night. When I went it was $30 at the door as an international reggae artist was playing that night. It’s best to check out their website or Facebook page to see who is playing on the night and how much the entry fee is.

Drinks are reasonably priced here, $8.50 for a pint of lemon, lime, bitters and vodka, $11 for a Magners pear cider, and $8 for most of the local beers. There are limited beers on tap here, although they do have a good selection of spirits and premixed drinks.

There is a mixed crowd that goes to Mojos, and this varies from week to week depending on the bands playing. They have a wide variety of music on showcase at Mojos, hip hop nights, open mic nights, DJ comps and folk bands. This means you can never really determine the type of crowd to show up, this is the beauty of music, bringing all types of people together.

Various age groups go to Mojos, as there are various bands playing. It wouldn’t be a place you would be embarrassed to go to with your parents; in fact my parents have been there before. I get the vibe that everyone is there to have a good time and see some quality live music, which makes a change from the clubs where you struggle to get in because some guy is having a fight with the bouncer.

I guess you could say Mojos could do with a freshen up on the decor. I personally think it could – although this may lose some of its shabby charm, it could be more visually appealing. At the end of the day it is a music venue and not a relaxing, chilled bar.

I like Mojos as a music venue; it’s intimate and easy to access. I would defiantly return there, as overall I liked the mix of people that were there, it made me feel more at ease than I do in some bars that are full of posers; it had well priced drinks, and great live music. Perfect combination for a good night out with friends.

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