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Miss Libertine

34 Franklin St, Melbourne, VIC
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Found in the centre of Melbourne, Miss Libertine is the latest offering to the city’s plethora of exciting social hubs and captures all the angles of its inimitable youth culture. Reflecting the local area’s transition from a transit location to what is now the cultural hub of the city. Miss Libertine, surrounded by universities and shopping strips operates as a music venue hosting a range of emerging and established artists from varied backgrounds, with one underlying theme, providing the most innovative and quality music and artistry.

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Can’t Say at Miss Libertine Review

Review by Catherine Falalis

Formerly known as Purple Sneakers, Can’t Say Fridays at Miss Libertine won’t satisfy everyone’s taste but the venue definitely seems to impress their regulars. Located in the city’s Franklin Street, this indie club takes you back to the times of those good old house parties you used to have with your mates.

The venue is decked out with two rooms and a homey front porch. The back room in particular has an old warehouse feel to it, with a spacious dance floor accommodating the indie music fanatics waiting to see a band or resident DJ play. This room also has a small bar and limited seating.

The front room has an array of funky artwork, covering the walls. Black and white checkered feature walls behind the bar and paintings of old-style cameras set the quirky atmosphere which attracts a similar crowd. Hanging bird cages, lighting and mirrors provide a nice touch. There is a lot more seating in this area to kick back and listen to some old school RnB tunes – at least you can hear what your friends are saying in this club without the interruption of hard style beats.

I must say however, on a slightly unusual note, they probably have the coolest toilets I have ever seen in a club, with street like graffiti art covering the walls and doors, distinguishing the ‘ladies’ from ‘gents’.

The venue has a range of drink specials depending on the given night, such as beers for less than $5.. Entry will set you back around $12 on a guest list or $15 without.

The venue attracts a younger crowd of mainly under 25’s. Given the quirky indie nature of the club you’ll find that most people will be dressed in eclectic vintage outfits. Guys tend to be dressed in shirts buttoned to the neck, while the ladies are commonly found in funky skirts, tights or dresses.

Indie. Quirky. Vintage. Bird cages and graffiti walls.

Sound too unusual for your liking? Give it a go – you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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