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Mirasoul Bar and Lounge

55 Caxton St, Brisbane, QLD
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More satisfying than a bar, less formal than a restaurant, the ambiance and excellent service reflects the essence of Mirasoul. Mirasoul Bar Dining Lounge – more satisfying than a bar, less formal than a restaurant, the ambiance and excellent service reflects the essence of Mirasoul. At Mirasoul they combine a casual dining experience, a fresh and interesting menu, an extensive cocktail and wine list, all set within a contemporary intimate venue.

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Mirasoul Bar and Lounge Review

Review By Brittany Vonow

Lively yet comfortable, the Mirasoul Bar and Lounge mixes dance music and comfy seats for a fun Saturday night out with friends.

The bar, located on Caxton Street, is on the small side, but uses its space well to create a great atmosphere. The lighting is definitely one of the Lounge’s best attributes – the lights that slowly change colour are just enough to jazz up the room without being overbearing. The bar, lit with dark orange lights, also adds to the atmosphere. There was a well-lit glass cabinet of bottles that did seem a little awkwardly placed. However, it provided a focal point for the room and gave the place that bit more light. Otherwise, the dark lighting really helped to create an intimate feel.

The music was loud and fun. Without it, the lounge could easily become a great place for a weekday meeting place with friends. Furthermore, despite the apparent lack of space, live music is also on show at the Mirasoul every Thursday and Friday night.

A large group of seats towards the back is perfect for a large group to enjoy themselves. The smaller booths didn’t feel shut off from the rest of the room, however, with mirrors strategically placed behind the bar and in booths to make the space feel bigger.Food was available, with the lounge specialising in Tapas, gourmet pizzas and desserts. Ranging from around $10 for entrees to $26 for the gourmet pizzas, the food seemed reasonably priced. Drinks (mainly wine and cocktails) ranged from $10-$20.

Now, if you’re looking for a place to dance – this is not it. The inconspicuously placed DJ played dance tunes but in all, this is more of a place to sit than to dance. To quote the bar’s own website – it’s “more satisfying than a bar, less formal than a restaurant.”

On a Saturday night, the crowd was well-dressed and friendly, more in the early 30s age bracket than the early 20s. There was definitely the opportunity to meet new people too – standing tables opening up groups that threatened to be otherwise completely separated in the booths.But one of the Bar and Lounge’s biggest downfalls was the television in the corner. With the loud music, all the TV did was add unnecessary bright light to the comfortable, atmospherically lit lounge.

On the more practical side of things, the toilets were small but clean. Parking was also great, with two hours free parking at the Barracks Complex. A taxi bay was also close if you are unwilling to drive.

So, to conclude? A great place for a Saturday night out that involves enough dance music to have fun but enough seats to sit and chat!

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A 2nd Look Mirasoul Bar and Lounge Review

Review By Damien Coe

If you go to an event at Suncorp Stadium and you fancy a drink before or after, try Mirasoul which situated on Caxton Street directly opposite the Caxton Hotel. The Caxton Hotel is a tradition to some people before or after the game, but sometimes I find it overcrowded and unbelievably loud. Last night this was the case so I convinced my friend to try “the place across the road” which turned out to be Mirasoul.

The service was quick, friendly and they serve your drinks in glass, as opposed to plastic cups (which is every other venue on Caxton Street on game-day. Price wise, Mirasoul is more than reasonable, especially if you’re a beer drinker: with $12 jugs of Pure Blonde, you can’t complain! You would expect these prices at a local suburban pub in Brisbane, but Mirasoul is far from it.

The decor and layout is classy but not at all pretentious. Mirasoul is quite small with seating inside and outside on the kerbside, with the latter great for atmosphere on game day. The crowd is surprisingly female, and dominated with ages ranging from late 20’s to early 40’s – perfect for those single men. Mirasoul also offers a tapas menu, last time I was in attendance waiters came around offering free finger food. There is a DJ playing chilled out house and lounge music, which fits in nicely with the atmosphere and clientele. Mirasoul also has several flat screen TVs showing Fox Sports.

Another bonus to this venue is that Mirasoul offers free parking 7 days a week for 2 hours a day for their customers at the barracks complex roughly about 50m walk.

So next time you go for a drink in Caxton St think outside the box and try something new…there’s more to Caxton St than the Caxton hotel and Hotel LA.

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