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Metropol Bar and Terrace

60 Fitzroy St, St Kilda, VIC
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There is clearly nothing like the enormous outdoor terrace anywhere else in St Kilda. If its entertainment you’re after, when the sun goes down Metropol boasts an outstanding music format with a range of top DJs playing different styles, as well as soulful tunes on Sunday afternoons on The Metropol Terrace. Metropol continues to host some of Melbourne’s hottest parties and events. Whether it be a stunning Saturday night in summer, a Sunday in front of the fire, or the last stop of your Spring Racing Carnival, be assured that Melbourne meets at Metropol. Being the only bar in St Kilda that can operate our huge outdoor area until 3am makes us just that little bit more unique.

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The Metropol Bar Review

Review By Melissa Zheliba

The first information I ever received about Metropol was confined to a description of the inside of a toilet cubicle following a rescue mission and from there on in it was referred to as “the place where thingo passed out.”

Nothing impressive or unique about this bar, clearly.

Contrarily, when experiencing Metropol in the flesh, the first thing to go was my involuntary distaste which, although it was my first visit, was surpassed by a feeling of homecoming. And so it was shared, amongst myself and the clusters of (not strangers, just friends you haven’t met) enjoying their Thursday night $12 steaks, this sense of repose and belonging before a backdrop of St Kilda’s finest on Fitzroy Street.

Little tea light candles illuminating the inner perimeter are but one of the endearing qualities possessed by the bar/terrace/weekend hotspot, depending on your night and your needs. Metropol, whilst offering a decor themed according to raw style and clean-cut modernity, is still kindling the flames of tradition, involving a fireplace and rustic designed bar. Metropol is elite, attracting the well-dressed upmarket 20 somethings of Melbourne, but not pretentious, requesting $7 for ‘pale ale’ amongst many other treats.

Cozy enough to attract enamored couples performing improv on first dates, however equipped for the demands of Melbournians hardcore party weekend habits. On a Friday Metropol moonlights as host for the weekly ‘KISS FM’ party where regular DJ’s broadcast their tunes from inside the house party of the illusory and legitimate ‘yuppies’… minus the threat of disgruntled ‘rents, but plus the MILF’s.

Similarly, Saturday nights become a learned location for catching up over drinks, drunken congregations and, as it happens, plastered retreats.

Metropol is a place that I discovered should not to be esteemed merely for its excellent bathroom facilities, but its ability to host or recommend your next “oh I haven’t seen you in forever, here let me take this opportunity to (subtly) demonstrate how trendy and tasteful I have become” event.

The attraction of Metropol’s vibe is so potent it’s perceptible even through the hazy distress of intoxication and distraction of unconsciousness.

Sheppard your flock here and experience that weekend reunion anonymously.

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