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Mentone Hotel (The Edgy)

95 Beach Rd, Mentone, VIC
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Spacious and open in keeping with its coastal setting, the Mentone has a brasserie-style restaurant, bars, brand new contemporary outdoor dining, function rooms and a well-stocked drive through bottle-shop. Open 7 days a week, the Mentone offers a full range of services and entertainment, with live music ranging from blues, live bands and DJ’s along with a range of food and beverage choices.

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The Mentone Hotel (The Edgy)Review

Review By Melissa Zheliba

If you don’t belong to the area, you might put The Edgy’s popularity down to there being something in the water. But for local teens of Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs Wednesday’s at The Edgy have become more significant than practiced tradition. Losing your Edgy virginity is a recognised rite of passage. If you’ve put your money on water contamination, let me tell you you’re wrong. I’ll enlighten you on local living.

It’s the elation of seeing tonnes of people you know in the one place. It’s the cheap drinks. It’s the DJ playing top 40 remixes. The accessibility of the location, the pool tables, how there is plenty of staff at the bar. Knowing that there will be many drunken scandals and embarrassments that involve the people you know. Feeling like a famous person after posing for the roaming photographer. The chilled atmosphere of the downstairs bar contrasted to the reckless abandon on the upper dance floor. The novelty of undercover cops and being fingerprinted on entry, that comfort that comes from knowing that although you may not remember the night, Edgy will defiantly be able to identify you. It’s even got arcade racing games.

If your still not feeling the appeal after all that… $6 entry. Enough said.

As shallow and hedonistic as it seems, the regular crowd really have developed a deep and profound connection with The Edgy. It’s no passing phase, actually; considering the age of some of the patrons it appears to be ’till death do they part’.

Don’t be discouraged and drop that ‘holier than tho’ prejudice. Everybody has a special place in their hearts for The Edgy! What other place will allow you to get plastered (on a budget), tear up the dance floor, utterly and ruthlessly abandon your morals and social propriety and still forgive you for your antics as a drunken mess?

“It’s not a bar or a club. This place is a zoo.”

You know we ain’t nothing but animals.

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Captured At Mentone Hotel (The Edgy)

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