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Cavill Avenue, Gold Coast

Melbas Ultra Lounge And Club

46 Cavill Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD
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Spoil yourself at our award winning bar, mix it up at our cocktail lounge, or dance the night away at Club Melba’s Nightclub! Whatever your taste, Melbas provides for a great night out, with a huge bar downstairs, pumping nightclub upstairs and an amzing atmosphere everywhere… this venue is 100% one of the must see places to go on the Gold Coast.

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Melbas Review

Review by Caitlan Gallagher

Melba’s is the new and upcoming club on the Gold Coast. It may have been around for a while, but they certainly know how to make a club appeal classy and mind-blowing. From the moment you walk up the stairs into the bar and stools area, you will notice the streamline lights along every bar and stage floor in the room. It is like your feet are being guided, by the light, to the dance floor. There is also a very retro feel about the dance floor and there is always great music (which can be hard to find in a club).

When it comes to service, there was next to no waiting time at all. It was five star quality service. The bar streams down the right side of the entire club, so there are plenty of places to order a drink along the bar. Each tower around the dance floor and table area is covered with mirrors that conceal the poles from being too noticeable. Obviously, there has been a lot of thought put into designing the club. Between the mirrored poles, the light up bar, the polished dance floor and the multi-functional strobe lights, the club is pretty spectacular. Also, the widescreen televisions add to the clubs entertainment, as the clips of various music videos are played. These clips can become great talking points or even an ice breaker for clubber conversations.

On the weekends the club can be quite full, although it is not over crowded like in other nightclubs late of a night. I find this to be one of the best qualities of this club, because it has so much open space and a lot of levels there is a lot more dancing space. There is a lot of room and you can bust out your moves as you warm up for the night. For anyone who visits the Gold Coast, this is a must see nightclub. Again, there are usually people of a more mature demographic, but since its renovation in July 2010 it has become much more appealing to those aged 18-25 years.

The menu consists of a variety of drinks available to all clubbers. The prices can range from around $5 and up, which is quite reasonable. However, you can sign up for a Melba’s membership and receive VIP benefits, as well as getting yourself and a friend in for free. Not to mention there are plenty of events for members each month and ladies night is Thursdays with cupcakes and cocktails. So make sure to register for some regular Melbas’ event emails and promotions. For any information or to book a birthday party or special event, you can follow Melbas on Facebook and Twitter. This will also allow you to tag yourself in photos and interact with fellow clubbers online.

If you are out to have a good time and feel the atmosphere of a clean, cutting edge, spacious club, then Melbas is the place for you.

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