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Marrakech Cocktail Bar

25 Bank Pl, Melbourne, VIC
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An experience in cocktail delights like now other – this place is just amazing. A moorish decor licked by candlelit seduction, if the venue isn’t enough to whet your appetite, then no doubt the sumptuous cocktail menu will delight you no end. Marrekech also takes entertainment to the next level, with snake charmers, fire breathers, belly dancers and contortionists on selected nights. Located just off Little Collins Street, Marrakech is the newest temple in a frenzy of bars and clubs that have popped up all over Melbourne. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped foot into some underground Arabian palace while you watch dancers dressed in ‘I Dream of Jeanie’ costumes tantalise you with their belly dancing.

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Marrakech Cocktail Bar

Review by Andrew Bishara

Word had come through to my friends and I about a Moroccan nightclub situated along Collins Street. As we travelled through the night we kept our eyes out for this venue; but to no success…until my friend spotted a club just off Little Collins Street, so we ran across to see this place. And lo and behold, we had found Marrakesh: the Moroccan Cocktail bar!

Once entering Marrakech, we found ourselves in a beautiful, exotic underground nightclub. There is no doubting the Moroccan theme layered across the place: the colours, the lights, the Arabic writing across the wall and not to mention the silk everywhere! But don’t let that pull you off! The Moroccan vibe gives the Marrakech an elegant feel about the place.

Marrakech is a classy place, so dress nicely. Ladies shouldn’t a have a problem going in; the boys, however, should dress to impress. Also, expect to find a younger crowd at the bar; somewhere from 20 to 25 year olds.

We started with some drinks and found what we expected: the usual beers and scotches for the usual prices (from $7.50 to $9). Yet, it was the cocktails that we saw that took us by surprise. Marrakech has a huge range, covering anything from Cosmopolitans, Martinis, Long Island Ice Teas and Caipirihnas (roughly $15 each) so we decided to wet our becks before moving off to the dance floor.

Marrakech is divided into two main dance ‘rooms’. You’ll find couches almost everywhere whenever you need that sit down. As much as this is nightclub, Marrakesh is also a cocktail bar somewhere you can relax and chill while listening to some hot tunes.

We figured that because of the Moroccan theme, we’ll find ourselves listening to a mixture of dance and Arabic music. Far from it! Marrakesh plays the latest House, Dance and R’n’B tracks to suit everyone tastes! (I then discovered that Friday nights was Old school, Hip-Hop night, which made me think I should have come to Marrakesh, the night before!)

After my feet like falling off, I sat back down to discover that I could order something that you wouldn’t find at most other bars: shisha, an Arabic smoking pipe. With a list of flavours at my disposal, I decided on mint – and boy – that was a great choice. Other flavours included: Apple, strawberry, pear, grape, just to mention a few!

But as I went back to my seat, I found someone sitting there! This, I found was the problem with Marrakesh: it’s a small place and when it gets busy, it gets crowded. This is due, to the fact that Marrakesh does provide “Reserved’ sections for people attending functions, including Birthday parties, Bachelor parties and from what I noticed from a group of crazy women, Hens nights are also available.

Yet don’t let this let you down! Marrakesh is fantastic club to relax and let your hair down! The Moroccan vibe does wonders for the place: it provides a party feel, yet also makes you feel like entering a classy place. So relax, kick back, grab some shisha and enjoy the night!

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A Second Review of Marrakech Cocktail Bar

Review By Stephanie Isherwood

Marrakech is a beautiful underground venue, with a Moroccan theme. Think silk hanging from the ceiling, scatter cushions and Shisha. Marrakech is also known for having great drink specials, so make sure you look up their website each week to see what amazing specials they may have. Marrakech is also fabulous for having a birthday, where you can reserve sections of the club for only your party to enjoy, which only enhances the Marrakech experience.

Taking a break from the R’n’B, Hip Hop and Old School mixes that frequent the sound waves at Marrakech, patrons are encouraged to relax on beautiful couches, grab a cocktail and grab some Shisha. Not only is Marrakech one of the only clubs to supply this – but it also does it the best over anywhere else.

There is also other entertainment at Marrakech in the form of barely clad Middle Eastern who will make you want to hit up the dancefloor as soon as possible with their array of seductive and incredible moves.

The only downside to Marrakech is that their bar is a little on the small side (physically speaking) so that when it gets super busy it can be a little harder to get drinks, but this is nothing that should put people off going, as the positive aspects of this club far, far outweigh any minor negatives.

Marrakech is only open Fridays from 5pm – 3am and Saturdays 8pm – 3pm, so make sure you get in there on one of the two nights and take some time to relax and enjoy the best of Melbourne.

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Captured At Marrakech Cocktail Bar

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