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Lowenbrau (Uber Bar)

18 Argyle St The Rocks, NSW
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Specialising in premium exclusive biers and delicious European Schnapptails, it offers the same Bavarian Pure Biers and mouth-watering cuisine as the Lowenbrau Keller and is perfect for Friday night after-work drinks or a Saturday night on the town. Upstairs you will find Uber, a place where German hospitality meets the latest top 40 hits.

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The Lowenbrau Review

Review By Cassanne Ayre

Set in the historic harbour side suburb of The Rocks lies a traditional German pub, rich with traditional German beers, wooden fixtures and The Spice Girls? Yes, it is The Lowenbrau Keller, a place loved by Sydneysiders as it allows us to take a glimpse into the German world. On a typical Saturday night, the wait to gain entry can be extremely long; however, it is definitely worth the wait. On any given night, you are able to see an eclectic mix of partygoers; workers, backpackers, tourists and students. There is never a dull moment once you are inside this extremely popular establishment.

My personal experience, as you can probably already guess, was one that was filled with amazing drinks, great people and awesome music. Once I arrived with a couple of girlfriends, we were escorted to the front of the line (one of the perks of being female on a Saturday night) and gained entry right away. There is a restaurant downstairs that serves both traditional Bavarian and Western cuisine; however, it is when you walk up the spiral wooden staircase that the real party begins. I was so amazed at the amount of people were there and it was only 11pm.

The Lowenbrau holds an extensive list of imported and local beer, wine and spirits, including schnapps which I highly recommend trying, as the butterscotch schnapps are to die for.

The Lowenbrau Keller hosts four different areas, each are atmospherically different yet all seem to be enjoyable. The Bar adjacent to the Brassier is ideal for casual drinks after work or before beginning a night out in Sydney. The UberBar, upstairs where I spent a majority of my time hosts a large dance floor where you can dance to the eclectic range of music (which includes The Spice Girls), enormous bar and traditional wooden features that simulate a night in Munich. Finally the Bier Hall, the Lowenbrau Keller’s newest addition provides patrons with the Traditional Bier drinking experience including long wooden tables and what else but Steins (one litre glass).

The Lowenbrau Keller is a venue that transports you to Germany. It has everything a Sydney bar offers and more, it provides you with an experience, an experience that I will definitely being having again.

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A 2nd Review of The Lowenbrau

Review By Ben King

If you like beer, retro music, friendly people and more beer, then look no further then the Lowenbrau and Uber Bar. Conversely if you are looking for pretention, elitism and stuck up party goers then you might want to go somewhere else as the Lowenbrau and Uber is without question the place to go if you want to drink, party and be merry.

Located in The Rocks, The Lowenbrau is surrounded on all sides by excellent pubs and clubs such as the Orient and The Argyle, however none feature the uniqueness that exudes from the halls within the Lowenbrau… which can be put down to one thing being THE BEER!!!

Now unless it isn’t obvious from the name, this place is a German, meaning the beers served here are in Steins (1 Litre). Whatever your taste be it German or local, you can get it here just bigger and better. As a wheat beer lover, I was in 7th heaven as my mates who we were with celebrating a birthday brought over Stein glasses by the dozen. Let it be known however that your standard “shouting guidelines” do not apply here, as a stein will set you back about $20. Let it also be known, that although the Stein glasses are made of heavy duty glass, and it is tradition to cheers (or prost) one another with a firm clunk of the glasses, these things aren’t indestructible and if you take a run up (as we tried) you will shatter them and lose the precious contents along with it.

As mentioned, the drink selection at the Lowenbrau (Ube Bar) is fantastic, but this venue also offers something else that’s a little bit different, being a DJ without the attitude. That’s right, upstairs at Ube Bar the DJ lets you make requests… and actually plays them (even 90’s classics) which adds a great deal of fun to the evening.

Once more, you will also be happy to know the bouncers at the Lowenbrau are a little more relaxed then your typical hardass bouncer. Evidently they expect that after a couple of Litres of beer you might play up slightly, in the form of crowd surfing as we did. Rather than a summary dismissal, the bouncer had a bit of a chuckle and belatedly asked us to calm down.

The venue attracts people of all ages, but in particular your 25 and up. Not many uni students head here simply because the prices are way too high for them. In addition, if you fancy trying your luck with the opposite sex, then the Lowenbrau and Uber Bar might be a destination of choice. Whether it is love in the air, or excessive alcohol in the blood stream, it seems a lot of people find “company” when heading here.

In summary, for a casual night out that is sure to offer up something different to your standard night on the town, Lowenbrau and Uber Bar are definitely worth a try.

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A 3rd Look @ The Lowenbrau

By Kelly Teng

Sometimes in the middle of the day, I’ll walk around The Rocks and find myself in the middle of a European world. Girls walk around dressed in Bavarian uniforms, foreign flags hang from the sides of walls, and people drink in the middle of the day. If there is any time for an escape from a bustling life in Sydney, the Lowenbrau should be your number one stop.

The Lowenbrau serves for two main purposes in Sydney: authentic Bavarian cuisine, and authentic Bavarian drinks. With a name that means ‘Lion’s Brew’ it’s no wonder that this is where people go to drink beer, wine, schnapps, and more beer. All day and night, the menu is filled with mouth-watering choices for any meal: schnitzels, sausages and ciabatta bread means that you will never go hungry. The best thing is that when you go to the Lowenbrau before a night of drinking, you can fill up on this food to ensure that you will probably be able to drink anyone into the floor, and avoid the hangover the next day. And guys, just a heads up: most of the waitresses are European travellers so don’t be alarmed if all you see are beautiful women all night who love beer.

Aside from the waitresses and the menus, The Lowenbrau also has beautifully classic pub decor that will make any person feel European. As I stepped inside, all I could see was low lighting with brick walls and wooden furniture that made me feel comfortable and…well, like I wasn’t in Sydney any more. Normally, Sydney pubs have a British pub atmosphere but with this place all you can feel is Bavarian homeliness. The Lowe also holds the annual Oktoberfest celebrations and is the place to be if you want to drink with like-minded beer fans. However, the weekend days have face painting for kids, so unless you have children steer clear of this place until the night. The Lowe also has DJs that keep everything interesting, but in all honesty I have never paid enough attention to the music because I have always been there for the beer.

As for the people, it really does depend on what time of day you go as to who will be there. Mostly – as I’ve found with any location on The Rocks – working professionals will swarm here on a Friday evening, while the other side of Sydney’s crowd will come on a Saturday night. Although it’s not quite as posh as The Argyle, the standard of dress is still expected to be smart casual at the least. Because it does have a ridiculous amount of beer, The Lowenbrau also attracts heaps of men – more often than not they will be the big, burly guys who love watching sports (and you know how much the Germans love their sports).

If you are ever looking for a taste of Europe, then the Lowe is the place to be any day or night of the week. If you’re just looking for a crazy night out, then give this place a miss and head to the Cross instead.

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