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Liquid Nightclub

26 Kent Street, Rockingham, WA
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Minutes away from the beautiful Rockingham foreshore, Liquids is Perth’s best kept clubbing secret. The latest tunes, best drinks and coolest venue will ensure you have a great night, week in, week out. Come say hi to our friendly staff and at the end of a hard week, Liquid will help you dance your worries away.

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Liquid Nightclub Review

Review By Hamish Hastie

They’re bred differently in Perth’s wild south and a different breed needs a different kind of nightspot.Liquid (also known as Liquids, Liqo’s, L Town, Quids) provides all the local wildlife with ample watering holes and room for the awe inspiring courting procedures. It is a spacious venue with the upper canopy allowing predators to peer on their prey from above and an outdoor balcony for the smokers and sweaters to cool off, recollect and begin their hunt again. The animals don’t seem to mind the assaulting jungle scent the place seems to have lingering about or the fairly out dated but quirky decor. It seems the pool tables and cigarette machines make up for it.

The line to get in this menagerie doesn’t take long at all. The zoo keepers are tough, unfriendly and seem to have a strange affection for skate shoe covered hooves, the key is; don’t act like a rabid chimpanzee in the line and you’ll get in without trouble.

It’s a family affair at Liqo’s, the wildlife knows the others around it and the pecking order is a sacred thing. If one creature challenges another, higher in the order, whether it be for a mate, a spot at the watering hole or just because their beast within wants some fun, you can be sure it will be settled at the pleasure of the other animals. It seems that Liqo’s, on the odd occasion acts as an arena for the Rockingham locals to lock horns. Newcomers should not challenge the Alpha men/women and their night will conclude without a bruise or bite mark.

Saturdays get busy. The young mix with the old but it seems the old yield to the young. A warning for the women venturing into this environment: be defensive and take the alluring charms of the males with a pinch of salt. They are, after all, just trying to reproduce. And you could be the next victim of the unsophisticated post-liquids Rockingham foreshore coitus ritual (a ritual that will far from cleanse you). However, with the bad comes the good and some of the locals will be sure to impress you with their dances and mating howls (and possibly a drink if you’re thirsty).

Prices are in line with the rest of Perth. A cover charge of $15 is a bit hefty but there isn’t much else in Rockingham that provides this kind of experience. Beers range from $6-10, Spirits around the $8 mark and fancier drinks $10 and above. It’s not really about what you’re drinking here though, it’s about how fast, how much and how drunk you’re getting (it’s essential too). If you want to party among the creatures and have a good time, make sure you’re getting prime position in front of one of the watering holes.

Sobriety is frowned upon in this jungle, and you won’t be too happy either if you don’t decide to embrace your ‘homo erectus’ and drop a few brain cells.

I’ve been here twice and to my surprise, each time was great. The music is cheesy; top 40, house, RnB and plenty of 90’s dance. It’s not my kind of thing but fun none-the-less. It’s a place for two or more to go and you definitely have to have a few drinks or the downfalls will really irk you. Everyone does know everyone but if you’re new, you’ll be chatted up in no time. A confidence boost if nothing else. The vibe is very animalistic, but don’t take it too seriously and don’t go too often and you’ll be sure to have a Jungle Jam!

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A Second Review of Liquid Nightclub

Review by Catherine Olejko

Situated on the beautiful foreshore of Rockingham, Liquid Nightclub, or more commonly known by the locals as Liquos, is always drawing a pumping, young crowd, allowing you to have an awesome nightclub experience and all together a great night out.

The venue is spacious, featuring a second storey with pool tables and couches and also an outdoor balcony where smoking is permitted. Why is it the one space for fresh air is designated for smokers to pollute? Downstairs on the dance floor there is a platform known as ‘the podium’. There are three bars throughout the venue making it easier and faster to get your drinks and there is also a quieter room downstairs with a bar and couches for those who want to relax a little.

The constant lingering of male pheromones is something to definitely watch out for at Liquid, although it is common that if you dance hard enough and look good enough the guys may even buy you a drink. The club continually circulates a lively, electric and exciting atmosphere.

The most dreaded part about clubbing is the line to get in, although at Liquos this often doesn’t take long thanks to the rough and tough bouncers who also keep the troublesome Rockingham hoons away from your great night out. A cover charge of $15 may seem pricey yet it is definitely worthwhile. Drinks are the average nightclub prices with spirits being about $8, beers $6-10 and Rockingham’s finer drinks being $10 and above although I usually opt for having pre drinks before I go to save some extra cash. It’s definitely worthwhile making the sacrifice of a couple of brain cells to embrace the full experience of a fantastic night out.

The music often varies from 90’s dance music to top 40 and the occasional RnB or hiphop. At Liquid everyone knows each other; it’s like a big happy family. So if you’re new to the Rockingham experience do not worry as you will be warmly accepted into the fantastic vibe that the club and the clubbers offer. The party is always electrifying at Liquid as the people are mainly aged 18-early 20s yet they do cater for all ages. The dress code is reasonably relaxed so don’t be too stressed about what to wear when you venture out.It is all too common that you will see a person exiting while also exhibiting traces of sweat and matted hair, all signs of a night well spent. If you choose the right people to go with, Liquid is definitely the place to go.

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