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Lakers Tavern

Murdoch Rd, Perth, WA
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A stylish and energetic venue in an unlikely location, Lakers Tavern has got something to suit everyone. It’s just one of those places that keeps you hanging out for more but you can’t quite put your finger on what keeps you going back every time. Why don’t you give it a go next time you are in Perth’s South…

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What to Expect @ Lakers Tavern

By Andrea Downey

This funky little tavern located in Thornlie is an unlikely location for a popular new attraction but never seems to fail when it comes to pulling in the crowds.During the week it is a relaxing after work drinks venue which attracts anyone from students to tradies. Come the weekend though, Lakers Tavern livens up and becomes an energetic venue packed with fun from wall to wall. There is always something to do, whether it is joining in with general conversation from the down to earth punters, eating some of the amazing food or playing pool amongst friends, it is a guarantee you won’t get bored.

The decor of the tavern is very stylish. The thing I liked the most was the wooden style of the bar and the flooring. There is also an alfresco style outside seating area with wooden stools and tables. The tables and stools are quite tall compared to normal seating arrangements, and I thought this was particularly good because it feels like the bar and bar stools have been taken outside for you comfort. Also, there is a restaurant style eating area inside the venue for those who want to enjoy a meal in a quieter inside area. My favourite part of the tavern is the back part where there are pool tables and comfy seats for those who have competitive friends who like to make everything a contest. Playing for the next round seems to be popular with people I know!

My favourite thing about the whole venue however, is the atmosphere. This week I went for a Sunday Sesh to finish the weekend on a relaxing social note. The company is always friendly, on a Sunday afternoon/evening the atmosphere is dynamic but still relaxing – basically the perfect place to end the weekend in style. On the other times I have visited Lakers I have never had a bad experience. It’s always fun and I love the energy – I always find it refreshing.The drinks and food at Lakers are very good. They have a wide variety of beer on tap, as well as wines, cocktails and pre-mixed drinks. The prices are another added bonus to the attraction. For a glass of wine the average price is about $6 or $7 and a pint costs somewhere between $7-$10 dollars depending on the exquisiteness of your taste.

The food that is served is really good for what you pay. I had a chicken caesar for $19 and, although this seems expensive, the meal was huge (I could hardly finish it!) and it tasted amazing! The same goes for all of the food: it may look expensive but you get what you pay for which is a nice change. I can’t stand going out for a bite and paying for half a plate of food!

When it comes to the crunch, Lakers Tavern is suited to everyone. I’ve seen people there aged from 18 to mid-40’s all having a good time. There is nothing like having a place to go for any occasion and Lakers is definitely one of these venues.

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