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Kings Head Hotel

357 King William Road, Adelaide, SA
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The Kings Head Hotel is on the outskirts of the Adelaide CBD, out of earshot enough to be noisy but close enough for a stroll to other venues. But if you read on, you may decide that this is the venue for you. Lovers of all things South Australian, this is dedicated to you.

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What to Expect @ The King’s Head Hotel

By Jessica O’Reilly

It’s not a bird and it’s not a plane – the sign is red and says The Kings Head. But all rhyming aside, this cute little bar has quite a feeling of nostalgia about it.

It could be the tangible features inside, such as the bookcase, the fireplace, disco balls and retro print media collages. It could be the traditional old construction of the place with its wooden beams and flooring. In this day and age I may even put it down to the cigarette dispenser. Whatever it is, it feels like you’re visiting at your grandma’s house; just add booze, dimmed chandeliers and frowned-upon music. Even the modern wooden outdoor deck illustrates granny’s desire to cater for all her grandchildren in her later years.

On this particular Friday night, the pint-sized bar opened up King William Road to a vortex of soul, Mo-town, psychedelic rock and various other genres of music past, creating a cool yet excitable atmosphere for its patrons who were clearly enjoying everything on offer. A love and appreciation of good music is shared between the local DJ’s, artists and clientele, so if you feel the need to escape the sounds of manufactured Top 40 tunes, then this is the place for you. The teeny tiny bar manages to allow for room to dance, stand, lounge, judge, chat, laugh, judge some more – but in a loving way because the crowd is quite an eclectic one. The dim lighting permits individuals to attempt solo salsa dancing, even if it doesn’t suit the style of music, while the extensive spirit selection displayed proudly behind the bar can be held responsible for other acts of bravery.

The Kings stocks a wide range of spirits similar to most other good bars in Adelaide, but its strongpoint is its proud housing of local South Australian beer, cider and wine. As they put it, it’s all “handcrafted here for consumption here”. The 139 year old establishment produces such a smorgasbord of local beer and cider that prices range from a mere $4.80 to $26 on tap and bottled respectively.

That means one thing: A lot of beer. You could be forgiven for mistaking The Kings for a specialty beer house. If it sounds like beer is grandma’s favourite, don’t forget about wine. As usual, drops from the famous Barossa and McLaren Vale regions can be indulged in for $7 – $10 by the glass, but why stop there? Bottles can be shared, or hogged selfishly, for $18 – $95. The cocktails are also a product of their environment, containing famous South Aussie products, Fruchocs, Farmers Union Ice Coffee and heavenly chocolate from Haigh’s.

The Kings Head appears to have a following of fun-loving 30-40 year olds in their prime, but if you’re someone who loves real music and a quality beverage full of South Australian love, head over to the south side of Adelaide’s CBD and into the Kings Head Hotel. The doors are open every day with opening hours til late, very late and bedtime. Sounds perfect.

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