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Icon Bar

125 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, VIC
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Has established itself as the party venue of Melbourne with a well-deserved reputation over the past 10 years for its party hard atmosphere. More importantly Icon Bar is the only place where you can dance on the bar while Melbornes hottest DJ’s spin the best top 40 dance!

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Review By Luke Buesnel

Icon Bar was always a tacky pick-up joint with sticky floors and no room to move.In fact, the place was only frequented by three different types of people: girls on a hens night, youngsters on a party bus and amateur footy boys out for a piss-up. When it was suggested as a drinking location recently, I robustly argued ‘NO’ based on previous experience. Apparently majority rules and I was out voted (thank you democracy for that one), so off we went for a big one at Icon Bar.

I was expecting to see blokes with that ‘what are you looking at?’ stare, sleeve tattoos and wearing t-shirts with a neck line looser than a (insert your own meaning here). They were present but didn’t overly dominate. The gathering crowd was a fusion of what you would expect to see in a diverse place like Melbourne – differently dressed, young trendy people out for a good night. It’s a place for the young and attracts the typical straight out of high school drinker. If you want good meaningful and audible conversation between friends – try somewhere else!

Look, you’re not going to find Melbourne’s social elite or the discerning drinker at Icon Bar (meaning it won’t be a royal tipple stop for Wills and Kate when in town). What you will get, however, is people with similar intentions to yours. Drink. Party. Fun – and the desire to keep on doing it all night.

What is immediately obvious is the place has had a bigger facelift than Mickey Rourke but in the case of Icon Bar, it looks better afterwards. Before Botox was injected Icon Bar was run down, with fluoro painted walls and dingy looking decor. It was more early 90’s than hyper-colour t-shirts and happy pants, ironically they often played music from that era too!

Gone are those days (thank god) of brightly coloured walls and benches that made you feel seedy, even when completely sober. It now has the appearance of a trendy inner city bar with rustic floorboards and brink walls, all highlighted by lighting that helps set the party scene. The only remaining element of the pre-dated Icon Bar is it’s ‘piece de resistance’. The bar that (in true Coyote Ugly style) can be danced on and even set alight to maximise the impact. And who would have thought security would actually show humanity towards its cliental by helping them onto the bar to dance?It somehow feels more spacious and even though densely populated, it doesn’t seem crowded. The commute from table to bar can be done in a timely and orderly fashion, unlike Melbourne public transport. The answer to your most important question is yes, the bar does get busy but the staff churn through the parched patrons effectively.

Drinking has become and expensive sport in Australia and Icon Bar is revolutionist towards drink prices. The cost won’t finically break you and leave you desperate for a job like Brendan Fevola but drinks are not cheap. Prepare yourself to spend about seven dollars for anything other than beer. CONFESSION: I was blotto when I walked in and can’t remember paying a cover charge, so it’s possible they might slug you for coin in the door way too.

Icon Bar – good fun for anyone wanting to experience the pleasures of drinking in an overage environment for the first time but for the more seasoned professional, the thumping tunes, screaming girls and testosterone may be too much.

Give it a go if you’re of a legal age to drink but give it a miss, if you’ve been legal for the last few years.

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