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Hula Bula Bar

12 Victoria Avenue, Perth, WA
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Eccentric is an understatement, exotic is generous, this place is straight up crazy. As Perth’s one and only Tiki bar, Hula Bula is the place to go for one hell of a crazy night out. its an awesome experience and a must see place if this is your first time in Perth.

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Hula Bula Bar Review

Review By Leslee Hall

Have you ever been to Hawaii? I haven’t, but Hula Bula Bar is almost what I imagine Hawaii to be in my head – minus the beach of course. There is a real dedication to a Tiki theme at Hula Bula Bar – Tiki heads carved into the bar, bamboo covered walls, and island themed art give this place a certain authenticity while not taking itself too seriously.

Hula Bula’s location, on Victoria Road in East Perth, draws a crowd mainly made up of young professionals in their late 20s. There is also an over-21s rule (bent for the ‘mature-minded’ younger folk) that stops it becoming too crowded or more of a party location. Instead, it’s a place for an after work drink or relaxing night.

The first thing that hits you when you walk in the door is the size – it’s pretty small, although there is room to do the worm as some patrons proved. Due to the size the door staff were stopping people coming in later in the night, although the place wasn’t particularly crowded. The music matches the Tiki theme and doesn’t dominate, but isn’t really suitable for dancing, and there also isn’t enough room to shake your groove thing.The real stand out of Hula Bula is the drinks menu – a long list of cocktails that while priced mainly between $15 and $20 are quite strong, and some even come with an eyeball! The bar staff are really friendly and the wait for drinks isn’t too long despite mainly serving cocktails. There are also Tiki- mugs for sale to get your cocktail served in – who could ask for any more?

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A 2nd Hula Bula Bar Review

Review By Ashley Huston

If your looking for a casual night out in Perth but don’t want to go to the usual haunt, try the Hula Bula Bar. This kitsch 1960’s inspired tiki-bar is not your normal cocktail bar and is ideal for a night out with friends. The bar is popular and the décor can liven any mood and provides the ideal surroundings for an excellent night.

Tucked away on Victoria Avenue in the Perth CBD, the bar can be hard to find – if you haven’t visited before it is easy to walk right past. But on a Friday or Saturday night the queuing patrons and bouncer out the front are the marking point for the entrance. The bar maybe small but the space is used perfectly with seating in the main bar as well as another smaller room located down a decorated hall way. Hula Bula does have an over 21 policy and is popular with the 21-30 year old crowd with many young business types dropping by on a Friday night. There is a dress code but it’s smart casual and if you’re well presented and well behaved you might even get in if you’re under 21.

Hula Bula hosts some of the friendliest bar staff in Perth. These bartenders are all smiles and somehow find time to chat with you as they mix up Hula Bula’s tropical inspired cocktails. The drinks themselves are fantastic and many come with small animal toy decorations, which you can keep as a memento of your night. Expect to pay around $15 for a cocktail but the drinks are large and defiantly pack a punch. The Hona-lulu is a favourite of mine, with strawberry champagne, cranberry juice and white rum you can get the feeling of a summer holiday even if it’s the middle of winter.

The decor of the bar itself is a reason to visit. The place feels like stepping onto the set of Elvis Presley’s 1961 film Blue Hawaii. The bar is covered with bamboo and leaves giving the feeling of the outdoors with the bright lights emulating a tropical sun. Hanging lanterns, animal print couches and tribal woodcarvings cover the bar – every inch of this place is used to maximum effect. Even the bathrooms feature crazy decorations and funhouse style mirrors. The DJ plays a fantastic blend of groovy 50’s, 60’s and 70’s music to create the fun and lively atmosphere that the regulars have come to expect.

The Hula Bula Bar is a tropical paradise in the middle of a city, definitely a place to show friends from out of town. It is impossible to be in a bad mood when surrounded by all the decorations and with a large cocktail in hand a good night is guaranteed.

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