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Hugos Lounge

33 Bayswater Rd, Kings Cross, NSW
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Has maintained its reputation as one of the best nightspots in Australia winning best nightclub in 2007 and 2008. Friendly service, award winning pizza and fmous mouth watering cocktails are all part of the well known and loved Hugo’s experience. Designed specifically to give punters a sense of partying in their own living room, this venue is well regarded as being in the top 10 bars and nightclubs in Sydney, and arguably the number one venue in Kings Cross. If your in Sydney for a short time and not a long time, then Hugo’s is a must see.

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What To Expect @ Hugo’s Lounge

Review By Nastasia Campanella

Hugo’s Lounge has been one of the hottest clubs in Kings Cross for a long time now. Nastasia Campanella steps out to see if the nightclub still has what it takes to be ‘the king of the cross’.

The mantra at Hugo’s is evident from the minute you step inside this club. Doormen check my friend and I out from our heads, right down to our toes. After ticking our names off the short guest list, we head in and mark our territory beside the bar. With classic white couches and ottomans, a wooden bar, black thick carpet and very dark lighting, this club is one upmarket place.

The sleek furniture is matched by the equally nice cocktails. They are a bit on the pricy side, with most over $18 a pop. Try the French Martini. Absolute vodka, chambord and pineapple juice provide a sweet beverage and is even served with the froth over the top from the pineapple juice. It gives a fluffy texture and is a nice soft touch before you hit the fullness of the sweet mixture underneath.

The Pash is another great cocktail. Served martini style, this is a top balance of sweet verses sour. Passion fruit liqueur is shaken with vodka and cointreau, then topped with a rim of sugar. It’s a smooth drink with passion fruit seeds as a nice crunchy touch.

Hugo’s is a pricy venue. The staff, while very good looking, are extremely on edge the night we’re there. The staff’s good looks are matched with those of the patrons. Most men look like they’ve featured in hair or underwear commercials, while it seems like this months Vogue has decided to drop half their ladies off here for the night.

Be prepared to pull out something nice to wear and be absolutely prepared to spend a buck or two. If your keen to check out this club, but don’t have stacks of cash, Sunday nights here is just for you. They serve $5 pizzas and cocktails all night. I will warn you though, get there early! The electro music isn’t overly loud until dancing time which is about 10 pm. While the music heads up a notch, so to does the cover charge. All in all, It’s a classy place with yummy pizzas and sweet cocktails and lives up to the hype.

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