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One of the largest clubs in the southern hemisphere and arguably Sydney’s most unique venues with breathtaking views overlooking Darling Harbour, Home incorporates inovative creative design, combining wood, metal and stone over 3 levels. With four venue areas, including a luxurious rooftop terrace, featuring both indoor and outdoor areas, Home lends itself perfectly to all aspects of entertaining. With an amzing lineup of events including Sublime, this venue is a must see if your in town for a short time… simply amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Home Nightclub Review

Review By Kelly Teng

Home Nightclub is probably right in calling itself ‘Home’, because this is home for many of Sydney’s clubbers on a Friday and Saturday night. With events such as UniPackers, Homemade, OH MY! and Sublime, this nightclub is sure to be packed no matter what night you choose to go. With its prominent location and its busy schedule of events, events, events, every weekend is a party and all of Sydney is invited.

My first experience at Home Nightclub gave me an awesome night. I danced along to great tracks, met plenty of new people, and constantly stopped in the middle of what I was doing to look out at the view of Darling Harbour from the 2nd level. After going back many times, I can say that Home is definitely one of the places to be in Sydney…You just have to pick when you’re going to be there, as different nights of the week can give you different experiences.

The DJ always plays a good mix of songs in all the rooms (hip hop/RnB and techno/house, as usual), however if you are not a huge electronic music fan then it’s probably best to avoid the techno areas at the risk of finding guys shuffling or tecktonik-ing. And on the note of things to avoid, it’s probably also a good idea to avoid Home when Subbie’s U18 is going on, or you will end up with a lot of girls that look like Miley and guys that look like Bieber (unless you’re into that kind of thing).

The great thing about this nightclub is the diverse range of people that you’ll find while you’re here. Depending on the night that you go, it’s likely that you’ll come across very different groups of people. Thursday’s UniPackers is all about the foreigners, Friday’s Sublime sees a dominance of fans of house, trance and dubstep, and Saturday’s Homemade has people from all over Sydney. Choose the night that best suits your style to avoid disappointment: if in doubt, Saturday nights are almost guaranteed to be great.

Drinks at Home are the standard price of any nightclub in Darling Harbour, which means they are actually expensive. It’s probably not a good idea to expect to get drunk here, especially after paying anywhere from $5 – $25 for entry. Rather, have pre’s beforehand and you’ll be guaranteed a great night without breaking into the bank. Also, to ensure a great night, be careful in the bathrooms. When I first went to Home, my friend had someone in the next cubicle pour their drink onto her which completely ruined her night there.

Overall, Home Nightclub is an experience that is make-or-break depending on when you go. With the right people, the right music, and the right amount of drinks, you will have an experience that you’ll never forget.

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A second Home Nightclub Review

Review by Giselle Artesano

If you’re looking for a club that is sure to go off on a Friday or Saturday night, Home Nightclub is the place to be. Home hosts many events including uni events and birthdays, ensuring every night is a night packed with keen party goers eager to have a great time.

Its location is right near the harbour and the view is spectacular. The line to get in may get a bit long, so if you’re impatient, try to get in as early as possible with entry costing around $20-$25. Especially on nights with large queues, be aware that security can be really tight so make sure you are sober enough to enter because the security guards are not afraid to refuse entry!

The club definitely boasts a great atmosphere, with talented DJs playing plenty of remixes and recently released dance tracks from a range of genres. From RnB/hiphop to techno all styles of music of music are catered for. Although as the night progresses – some tracks may get a bit repetitive at times.

The nightclub attracts people predominantly between 18 and 25, but it’s not unsual to see over 40’s hitting the dancefloor! There’s always a wide range of people who you’ll find at Home, which is always refreshing when you’re keen to meet new people. If the dancefloor isn’t good enough, many are welcome to dance on stage. If you need a break from dancing, an outside patio is a good place to relax and have a view of the harbour.

Being such a popular nightclub, Homebar’s drinks are quite pricey, with a mixed drink costing you around $12 served in a plastic cup. With that being said, just be wary on the dance floor, people like to drop these cups on the floor. It gets a bit annoying when you try to dance but the dancefloor is wet and filled with cups so do try to avoid these messy areas. To save your money, be sure to have some predrinks beforehand, but if you don’t mind the price, the queue for drinks don’t get too busy.

Just a word of warning, the bathroom may be a bit messy. On a night out with the girls, when we used the bathroom, there were no lights and some of the cubical doors weren’t fitted with locks, so make sure you go to the toilet with a friend!

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A third review of Home Nightclub

Review by Mary Ward

Home Nightclub on Cockle Bay Wharf ticks all the right boxes for a great city club. It’s easy to find (it’s the large glass thing spurting out lasers), spacious enough that you aren’t just playing one big game of ‘Sardines’ and – most importantly – within a stiletto-wearing walking distance of a McDonald’s.

However, as Home is such an institution, a few unwritten rules have developed around how to spend your night there. I bring you, as divinely revealed to me by a somewhat inebriated girl trekking it back up Druitt Street, the Ten Commandments of Home.

1) Thou Shalt Not Arrive After 9:30pm. Between 9:29pm and 9:31pm, the entry fee jumps $20. A $5 entry fee is a bargain; get there early.

2)Thou Shalt Not Whinge About Waiting in Line at Home. Yes, we are all in a line. Yes, it is moving quite slowly. No, girl with the ‘18th Birthday’ sash on, I do not need your commentary to tell me these things.

3)Thou Shalt Not Resist the Dance Circle. While Home is still filling up, a dance circle is inevitable. Guys and gi- no, actually just guys, take turns to pull out their best shuffles, jerks and breaks. If this isn’t your scene, there’s no need horde your group of twenty through the centre of the circle and ruin the fun; there are lounges at the back of the dance floor where you can talk about air, or something.

4)Thou Shalt Not Drink at Home. This is a slightly ambiguous commandment, because, while one should not drink at ‘Home’, one should definitely drink at ‘home’ i.e. within the comfy, economical confines of their house. Mixed drinks at home are not only in the double-digit price range, but are also served in a plastic cup, like you’re at a kids’ birthday party.

5)Thou Shalt Not Try and Dance on the Carpet. The carpet on the upper level drops a subtle hint that this is the quieter of the two levels. While the lower level plays heavy house music and the latest remixes, the upper level is more of a place to sit down. The music’s still too loud to have a conversation over, but you can always admire the view of the harbour.

6)Thou Shalt Not Use the Stairs. They are slippery. Want me to tell you whose friend fell down them and cracked her head open, and who spent the rest of the night at St. Vincent’s Hospital? No? Then take the lift.

7)Thou Shalt Not Use the Vending Machine. It eats your money, and all drunken vending machine purchases are regrettable: ‘Mini Meals’, anyone?

8)Thou Shalt Not Get on the Stage if You’re Not Going to Dance. Full stop.

9)Honour Thy DJ and Thy Bar Staff. Seriously, the people who work at Home are legends. It’s a massive venue, but the bar queues are never too long (although there could be other reasons for this: see the Fourth Commandment) and the DJs are always up for engaging with the crowd.

10) Thou Shalt Have a Fantastic Time. It’s Home; you’re guaranteed a good night if you get the right crowd together… and if you leave time for a Maccas Run on the way home.

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