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Heritage Bar

135 Harrington Street, The Rocks, NSW
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The venue, Heritage Bar & Restaurant in The Rocks, was designed by the trendsetting Belgian-based design firm, Creneau International. The venue features glowing mahogany-stained solid oak, engraved bar stools, bevelled mirrors, vintage beer posters and etched glass. The interior pieces (tables, chairs, antique tiles, wood panelling, bar, mirrors, old stove, etc) were imported from Belgium. The look is designed to replicate the traditional Belgian Bistro and has been recreated from architectural salvage – mostly with vintage pieces from the 1900s to the 1940s.

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Sydney’s Best Beer Bar – Belgium Opens Its Gates

Review by Amarande Chauvet

There aren’t many places in Sydney that have the real feel of an old European ‘Brasserie’ or Bistro, but head towards the Belgian Beer cafe on your night out and you won’t be disappointed.

Its cavern looks and long wooden tables, high ceiling covered with chandeliers and even perhaps weird colours choices truly feel welcoming and the bar screams out for a good time.

Up on the wall, close to an ancient looking train clock, is their French motto: ‘there not just beer in life, but it does improve all the rest’. Now I don’t know about you, but I think that is right on the money.

With over 41 different beers from Belgium, forget Stella Artoi and open your pallet!

Warning: these beers are not your usual Tooheys New or XXX Gold. This is real stuff, with some beers reaching up to 12 per cent and most of them being on average 7 to 9 per cent.

Advice: try a Duvel (ask for it in its original glass, you want to be able to look good), Leff Blonde on tap, or for a softer beer Hoogarden.

Ladies, don’t be squeamish, for yes you can also drink beer; there is something for everyone. I’d recommend a Kriek, an awesome cherry beer. But be careful beer is addictive (especially this one). The Timmermans’ range is also delectable, with framboise (raspberry) and peche (peach) lambics at your disposal.

The Belgium Beer cafe at the rocks is also a restaurant, its specialty being mussels and fries with, yes you guess it, the infamous Belgium mayonnaise, but surprisingly it grows on you, and the mix ‘fries mayo’ is really quite savoury.

You can eat at the bar, but make sure you arrive early, or make a reservation for the small tables adjoined, because the place becomes packed, especially on Wednesdays when you can enjoy all round half-price mussels (around 12 dollars).

Its location also offers a good nightlife when stomachs are filled, with George Street just down the road, the city opens its doors to night time lovers, and all the nightclubs and bars are far from wanting.

The down falls seem to be that because it is a restaurant, sitting at the bar for a drink can really feel like you are intruding. It is not quite a night out, it is more of a starter to a night out. If you are going to go there for drinks, you’ll leave waiting for the main course.

Price wise the bill is also likely to add up and your wallet might go screaming for help. The lowest beer is $ 6.50 and the highest $22 and I am talking average 330 ml bottles.

Going alone can also be a blow, because it is not the best place to pick up at, but be my guess and try out.

Asking around people are really satisfied with the Belgium Beer Cafe and it is recommended for a great bar experience.

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