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GPO Hotel

740 Ann St, Fortitude Valley, QLD
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One of the Fortitude Valley’s most recognizable landmarks, both as one of Brisbane’s rarest examples of Victorian Italianate style architecture and as a popular icon in the Brisbane nightlife scene. Spread over two stylish levels, GPO is able to cater for a variety of events including cocktail parties, banquets and conferences.

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The GPO Hotel Review

Review By Julia Taylor

GPO situated on Ann St, Fortitude Valley, is a trendy nightclub. It’s a place where the “hipsters” go to hang-out. If you want to attend this venue be mindful you shouldn’t start your night there. This is a club where you and your posse must arrive after midnight. When you arrive there is a cover charge, averaging $10. If you get passed the entry fee you will be greeted with stairs, so ladies if you’re wearing your 6inches make sure they’re comfortable.

Conquering the stairs is worth it because at the top the main bar welcomes you. On average your basic spirits are $6 and you Redbull and vodkas are $10; service is quick and with a smile. I really enjoyed not having to cram in line to get a drink because the bar is strategically placed in the centre, so patrons passing you don’t have shoulder you to get through.

I was surprised about the size of the venue – it is spacious. The decor is simple with a series of lounges spread out in different parts of the club. Inside the main bar area there are more intimate lounges you and friends can hang out at. The smoking lounge surrounds the main bar, which can be a bit off-putting but surprisingly not too offensive.

One thing I was highly delighted about was the enormous dance area. The second room to GPO is basically the dance floor. There are lounges also for those who prefer to listen rather then move to the music. Plus there is the second bar tempting you also. For those hipsters who are confident of their dancing skills there are podiums in the middle of the floor to get down and dirty on.

While I didn’t get on the podium, the music was decent enough. It was a mixture of electro house and commercial remixes. The dance floor was moving slowly when I arrived, but gradually picked up.

The interesting thing with hipster clubs is the unique dress code. I saw people wearing hats which is an uncommon sight. Also, the shoe code is more relaxed than other clubs in the Valley.

GPO is a club made for a younger crowd, I didn’t see anyone over the age of about 25 years-old. I enjoyed the venue, but you get the vibe that it is a place for trendsetters. Overall the club is an interesting haunt because the people-watching is fun, the music is decent and the drinks are cheap. My advice though is, GPO is definitely the club to hit once the dancing shoes are ready to show-off.

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A 2nd GPO Hotel Review

Review By Celeste Greinke

If chic and classy is what you’re after when it comes to a night out, look no further than the GPO Hotel. This bustling club is a stand-out icon in the heart of the Fortitude Valley, catering for those who want to be seen, those content to chill on some of the most cosy couches the valley has to offer and for those who just want to dance the night away.

So, what is it about the GPO that makes it so popular amongst Valley dwellers? Situated on the corner of Ann and Ballow Street, the GPO Hotel’s commanding presence and location cannot be overlooked. As a passer by, the place is really a sight to see as a distinct red fluorescent glow seeps out from the interior of the club to contrast with the creamy Renaissance-style exterior. The Italian-style balcony with delicate trimmings exudes sophistication, making the GPO one of the most picturesque nightclubs in Brisbane.

Inside this two-story abode, the marbled bars and modern Victorian-style decor teams with the urban chic theme. Comfort has definitely not been compromised for style as there is attention to detail everywhere you look – from the bathroom mirrors to the lampshades and curtain designs. To match the detail the atmosphere is very upbeat and lively with people constantly swarming in and out of the massive bunker-style dance floor. This spacious area always proves too inviting to resist as the techno and contemporary playlists ensure that there’s something for every tuned ear. For the ladies, heels are strongly recommended as the girls and guys do tend to go all out – because if you can’t at the GPO, where else can you?!

Smokers are encouraged to make use of the upper level Queensland-style verandas, which offer fantastic views of the Ann street night stip. Suffers of claustrophobia need not fear as the GPO can often be packed on a Thursday or Saturday, yet there is still plenty of room to move as the club can cater for up to 1000 night dwellers. The club boasts 3 main bars and have drink specials for college exchanges and other special music events, otherwise drinks are fairly regular in price by valley standards.

The main areas open to the public on regular evenings (upstairs and downstairs), however, GPO also caters for special events. Boasting five separate private function rooms for hire, anyone of these rooms make fantastic special occasion venues. Although there is a mature look and feel to the place, the club targets and mainly caters for a young crowd aged 18 – 29 on Saturday nights, however, these separate function rooms are well suited for business gatherings and professional drinks.

Lockout is 3am, giving you plenty of time to get there and a taxi rank is just on the club’s doorstep so you always have a safe route home. So, what are you waiting for, discover the GPO Hotel for yourself!

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