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Golden Monkey

389 Lonsdale St, Melbourne, VIC
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Through the door & down the staircase into our 1920’s style speakeasy, this is the place to unwind, relax and have a quiet one or prepare for a massive night out.

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Golden Monkey Review

Review By Cassie Mckay

Located in Lonsdale Street at the heart of Melbourne’s busy business district is ‘Bar Of The Year 2007’ Golden Monkey. Hidden behind a door is a visually captivating 1920’s explosion of an oriental Shanghai temple.

Once you walk through the front door you are faced with a staircase leading down to a decor of wall features, red and browns, leather couches & old wooden stools, mirror painted designs… and thats’s just the seating area. Once you work your way to the bar, you truly feel what it would be like to have a drink in Shanghai 90 years ago. With stacked shelves full of quality liquor and hanging glasses; walls covered in red floral designs contrasted against creme background really add that ‘scenic’ ambience. The deep red polished bar is surround by high wooden stools, with low hanging creme lamps (matching the wall designs), give that ‘cave’ like feel without the claustrophobia. There is also an area back upstairs outside for people wanting to smoke.

My first experience was by accident: bar crawling with a few friends trying to find a great place for cocktails. When we first arrived and were seated, cucumber water was served and an elegant yet ancient styled menu was given to us.The range of cocktails were great, especially with names like Scorpion, Velvet Voodoo and Drunken Monkey (my personal favourite being Cheeky Monkey) and we knew this place would be an experience. You can ask for custom-made cocktails or simple well-known drinks – with their range of alcohol it’s no problem.

Golden Monkey is not just a bar, but also serves a range of Asian tapas. Being a finalist in the “Best Bar Food Selection 2006”, you know you are receiving quality made food. The menu also caters for vegetarians so this is a great option for everyone.

In terms of prices Golden Monkey I have to admit is a little pricey. Cocktails range from $15 to $30, and it’s a great place to try new drinks but I wouldn’t recommend starting a tab (if even available). The food prices are typically priced a little higher being that it is a tapas styled menu, really being no different to any other tapas places. Though the Golden Monkey is a little over budget for a Friday night out, it is a place you must visit once not just for the ambience but cocktails.

At the Golden Monkey you will most likely find people aged 21 years and over, being that is it more of a sit down venue rather than a dancing bar, majority of customers are business people or cocktail birthday functions. Golden Monkey accommodate larger groups for functions, with an option of areas to host them; you can choose from Opium Den, Red Cranes and Emperor’s Pavilion; all packaged with food and drinks. Golden Monkey also host special events like Tiki parties and Chinese New Year celebrations, with a mailing list available for continual updates on these celebrations.

Overall I must say that the Golden Monkey is quite an experience, an experience I personally recommend. If you are all about atmosphere and detailed themes, then Golden Monkey is the place for you.

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A 2nd Golden Monkey Review

Review By Charlotte Tan

Looking for a little seclusion or a get away from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne’s City life? Golden Monkey’s basement bar lounge would be the place you want to be!

A small entrance at the corner of Lonsdale and Hardware lane and a welcoming set-up of wooden stools and waivered tables is only the beginning of Golden Monkey. Stairs leading you through narrow red walls and Asian style crane wall paper is just the start of the night.

Golden Monkey houses a 1920’s classic Asian style and design with an Indiana Jones-esque theme, wood flooring, and a wooden see-through partition that separates various sitting areas – including the 3 different priced function rooms which are available to book.

Dimmed red lighting, soft music and low Asian designed lamps and brown furnishing is a quick summary of Golden Monkey’s atmosphere. Knee high tables and leather couches are placed neatly throughout the bar, creating a comfortable and chill ambience for patrons. A beautifully designed wood bar with high wooden chairs give customers a soothing feeling of peace and serenity.

Golden Monkey’s range of unique drinks and regular blends range from cocktails, beer, sake, wines, hard liquor, and none alcoholic drinks fills up a 19 page drink menu!

Golden Monkey’s cocktail blends are their speciality and a MUST TRY! Feel like nibbling? Little Asian bites between $5 to $10 are available to order!

Winning Bar of the Year in 2007 and New Bar of the Year in 2006, Golden Monkey has scooped up and kicked other bars in Melbourne in the butt! It is a cosy little bar lounge which will give patrons a feel of classic Asia. Chances of meeting people between the ages of 20s – mid 30s are high if you were to attend Golden Monkey’s special events and parties!

Golden Monkey welcomes everyone! So don’t be shy, as this bar is a place to visit at least once!

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