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Franklins Tavern

948 Albany Hwy, East Victoria Park, WA
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Located along the Albany Highway in Victoria Park this tavern doesn’t look like much from the outside but don’t forget looks can be deceiving. Inside the venue is warm and welcoming like a typical pub. Whether for a friendly catch up or a Sunday afternoon of watching the footy with a few pints Franklins Tavern will have something to offer you.

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What to Expect @ Franklin’s Tavern

By Andrea Downey

Along the Albany Highway in East Victoria Park is a little venue called Franklin’s Tavern. Open 10am till midnight every Monday to Saturday and 10am to 10pm on Sundays, this casual little venue is almost like a typical pub with a laid back atmosphere.

I was there on a Sunday for some relaxing drinks with friends and I have to say I was a little taken aback by the venue as it was the first time I had been there. I wasn’t quite expecting it to be like a typical country pub and I was expecting a few more people.

Nonetheless, once I got over the initial surprise I did find the venue quite relaxing and the staff were very friendly. The general atmosphere of the venue was very warm and welcoming. It is definitely not the kind of place where you would ever feel judged.

It did get a little loud in the main part of the tavern during the footy match (playing live on the TV) as it was a home game for the Eagles and there was a handful of excited supporters enjoying a beer and cheering for their team. This only made the atmosphere even more relaxing, almost like you were chilling out watching the game on a mates couch!

The venue is really nicely set out. There is a smoking area with tables and chairs out the back, a dining area in the middle of the venue between the shaded beer garden out the front and the main bar with pools tables just behind it.The decor is not too flash but definitely not shabby. It is casual and comfortable with finished wooden tables in the beer garden and the bar and elegant little dining tables in the dining area. The bar is floor boarded which gives it a very modern look and makes it feel very homey.

Overall the decor matches the atmosphere to precision.My favourite part of the venue was the food. It was amazing! Not to mention cheap! The Sunday special was a Sunday roast, complete with meat, gravy and roast vegies all for $13. You can also get typical pub meals like a steak sandwich, steak and chips, chicken parmies and pasta’s for around $15-$20 and you get what you pay for. The meals are huge and taste fantastic. I would go back just for the food any day!

Drinks are also pretty good. Pints of beer range from around $6 (for a swan draft) and can get to near $10 for the more exquisite beers like a Kilkenny. You also have your usual spirit mixers from $6 upwards.

Although the venue is very relaxing and is a great place to hang out it seems to only attract people from 30 and over or at least that was the case while I was there. There isn’t much to cater for the younger demographic of 18-25. That’s not to say that you can’t enjoy yourself if you are under 30, it simply suits the over 30s better.

If you are looking for a relaxing place to hang out with friends that isn’t loud and crowded (and you’re after a great bite to eat!) then I suggest Franklins Tavern for your next friendly get together.

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