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The Roxy

69 George Street Parramatta, NSW
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A state of the art entertainment complex. Concentrating on style and sophistication, The Roxy caters for everyone and is one of the best clubs in Sydney's West..

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The Roxy Review

Review by Emmanuel Ordillo

There are only so many times that a fella can deny a request to hit Roxy with his buddies on a Saturday night before he must cave in and succumb to peer pressure! Although I had a special request to be tucked into bed by twelve, the laughter I was met with on the other side of the phone made me think otherwise. So I picked out my best ‘bro’ outfit, before piling into the car of lads and gals chatting about the night to come.

Finding the place was easy enough! The pounding music I’m assuming would conjure up more than a few noise pollution complaints; a complete beacon for party goers and incredibly hard to miss! Standard club attitude from security, letting us in due to our gal pals evening out what I am assuming would be a predominantly male crowd - not that I’m complaining.

The hype outside however really made me question “judging a book by its cover.” The venue was empty aside from a few party-goers nervously waiting for someone to make their first move on the dancefloor, so that they could follow suit. Whilst there is something quite tropical about the décor, combined with the outdoor heaters it helped us forgetthat Australia had just recently merged with that of the Arctic Circle.

However, I was assuming there would have been more people celebrating this merger! That’s right, the nightclub lacked the most integral part of any good night spot – people. The dress code was laid back, which works for some places however made me look down at myself and wish I was in my PJ’S in front of my own heater at home. The indoor RnB Lounge were a little different with red décor and sleekblack lounges, this is where we took full advantage of a ten dollar mini-buckets and your stock standard cheap drinks in a place which lacked cocktail variety. My vodka tonic looked lonely in the plastic party cups and I felt like I was in a Katy Perry video clip…just without Katy Perry.

At the time DJ Bennet was mixing some old school RnB and that’s when people – and I mean everyone - started to arrive. In the space of fifteen minutes DJ Bennet had the whole dance floor full with his mix of old school and the latest RnB and that’s when my buddies and I hit thedance floor hard, dropping it like it was hot and everything! You could tell that this was a nightclub; the energy was buzzing, people were dancing, the music was pumping and most importantly the room waspacked.

But once you had a good look around; the floor was filled with what seemed to be every single person who turned 18 this year. I’m far from being old but even I felt like I was at a high school formal. Deciding to get some fresh air, we headed to the courtyard where some of our group who enjoyed dance music found spot on the floor to bust a move.

Between the Courtyard and Lounge is a game room, which was a greatplace to chill out from all the excitement, but a couple of the gamescould have done with a repair...along with a couple of holes in thewalls, some carpet tears and a few other bits and pieces.

Aside from that, the night was young, and my buddies and I were having funwith DJ after DJ playing the tracks we loved. It seemed my idea ofgetting home at a godly hour had just been stomped on by a herd oftwenty-something’s and flushed down the toilet.

If your looking for somewhere to relax then there are better places todo it but for a good time or if you’re a hardcore partygoer, then Roxyis the place for you. It's cheap, laid back and easy to get to if youlive in the west. Fair warning though: if you have work the next day(like myself), maybe Sunday is not the best time to go. You’ll soonfind yourself loosing track of time and getting home just in time toget dressed for work.

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A second review of The Roxy

Review by Ashleigh Elliot

If you want to wind down from a big weekend of drunken debauchery and mindless dancing…well keep looking because The Roxy is for the serious 3 day-weekend partier. Situated in the heart of Parramatta, this refurbished theatre masks as a Sunday mecca for the under 25’s crowd who know how to party…and hardy!

For those who have never been to The Roxy, it is a beacon of drunken light that can be seen from streets away in an otherwise conservative business district. Home to a huge working theatre upstairs (think Broadway) this Tuscan- themed hotspot is a surprisingly great local nightclub that could rival some of its Sydney CDB, less enjoyable, more overpriced counterparts.

Part of the allure stems from the outside dance area with its own bar and DJ, strictly for the house music aficionados who are clearly there for a good time. As a bonus, the dance floor is littered with giant umbrellas to keep you sheltered if the weather does take a turn for the worse. If that’s not your scene don’t fret; there is also a massive inside area which provides a fresh mix of mainstream and retro tracks with plenty of dance space to bust a move. This is also where you will find a small gaming room, for those that want to take a break from the masses and have a bit of a sit down or gamble.

Granted, there is an entry fee of $10, but it is well worth it when drinks are reasonably priced, ranging from $4-$7, the service is quick and the bar staff look genuinely happy to serve you. The dress code is fairly lenient, so depending on your mood you can either dress up or dress down without having to worry whether you’ll be allowed inside. Fair warning though, the majority of the crowd are your typical Gen Y hustler-shuffler wannabes so I suggest you go with a group of friends to keep from going quietly insane - although it must be said there is some appeal in their complete obliviousness to the fact that it is a Sunday and most of us have work the next day. It is this type of pulsing energy that made an ordinary night a lot more enjoyable.

Whether you’re a serious party-goer, or you happen to have missed out on the typical Friday/Saturday night shenanigans, The Roxy manages to create a simple yet vibrant experience that has proven to be a fantastic way to cap off the weekend.

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