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The Eastern

500 Oxford St, Bondi Junction, NSW
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The definition of ambience, opulence, recreation and pleasure. The Eastern is proving to be a venue of pure pleasure and unfaultering hospitality, taking it's historic origins and evolving further into a distinguished social scene.

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The Eastern Review

Review by Kelly Teng

Most times when people think of the mall, they think of shopping and dining...It's time to think again.

With its classic design and unique location, The Eastern offers a mix of urban energy and simple, stylish elegance. During the day it serves as an escape from the loud chatter of Westfield Bondi, but at night The Eastern transforms into a multi-levelled partying paradise. Located on the entrance level is the Diner and the Ground Bar, which sweeps across the room and cuts into the crowds of dancers. Upstairs the Ruby Lounge presents itself as a sea of red, electric beats. Meanwhile, Bar Pacifica on Level 4 transforms into a dance floor with a lounge that allows for tired feet to have a break while still being able to enjoy the energy of the dancing crowd, as well as those who want to get some fresh air, or simply stare at the night sky.

The one true 'wow' factor of The Eastern will, however, always remain the staircase that leads to the upper levels: while walking up this staircase, there is a window that allows an inside glance at Westfield Bondi after hours. The Eastern shows clubbers this quiet, closed mall to give a sense of exclusivity: one after-hours glance reminds clubbers that they are in a fantasy world of music, drinks, and good times.

As for the music, well, The Eastern caters to all music tastes. Whether it's hip-hop, R'n'B, electronic, or Top 40, The Eastern will always have a song playing that girls will scream about. This place isn't made for people who want to sit down and have a quiet drink -The Eastern wants people who will party.

Wednesday night's are the night to be at The Eastern. With free entry for the guest list, cheap (or often free) drinks, and a constant stream of energetic people, the possibilities are endless. No matter what the weather is like outside, The Eastern warms up everyone that steps into its doors. The Eastern also holds Circus Fridays: another night of good music and cheap drinks, such as jelly shots.

So whether it's to unwind, to meet people, or to simply have a good time, The Eastern offers plenty of options for every individual. And for those people who don't want to go home: just party hard until the morning comes, and go shopping all day at the mall.

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A Second Review of The Eastern

Review by Nina Subotic

The Ivy of weekday clubbing, The Eastern Hotel, is the place to be on a Wednesday night. What I mean by this is dress code's intact, there's classy décor and the ever popular sardine-in-a-can experience exists both in the club and waiting in line outside of it.

This isn't a backpacker’s bar, however, which most students and weekday club-goers are all too familiar with. Expect no watering down of drinks, no suspicious stenches and no get-out-of jail free cards for leaving your trackies on. What you can expect, though, is the same party seeking crowd, same ringing in your ears even after you’ve left the club and the same urge to dance to your heart's content.

With its three main bars - one on each level to keep you hydrated (or dehydrated) for each flight of stairs - The Eastern seeks and succeeds in creating an atmosphere which is usually only reserved for the weekends. Don’t assume, however, that you’ll receive the hefty price tag that comes with such weekend outings. Despite the hotel being slightly more expensive than most backpacker or student clubs and pubs, The Eastern makes up for this with the never ending selection of exotic and new cocktails to try.

At $15-20 a cocktail at full price, you can expect to be greeted with some delicious, tantelising combinations of fruits and spirits. Try The Eastern’s classic ‘Scarlet Pash’ if fresh raspberries do it for you, or the ‘Carabbien Dream’ that will have you feeling as vivacious as the notorious Captain Jack Sparrow, considering the cocktail was inspired by Sparrow himself.

If you’re keen on quality but don’t want to spend as much, look out for their daily specials ranging from happy hour's $10 cocktails to $5 and $3 drinks. Try to get there earlier to take advantage of such deals and to avoid rejection as the place gets packed out, especially on Wednesday’s where entry is only $10. With an earlier start to the night you’ll be able to fully explore each of the three levels blasting house, RNB and current and past chart topping hits that everyone can dance, sing (or scream) along to.

With its convenient location at Westfield’s Shoppingtown at Bondi, and buses going to and from the Junction at all hours, The Eastern makes for a top choice outing on a Wednesday night. The only downfall in all of this is the fact that something so good can be overshadowed with an early start for work the following day, or even worse 9am tutorial. So for those ready to brave the following day, your night of partying awaits.

Brace yourselves - whatever your cocktail, music choice or day of the week, The Eastern will make you’re week that tiny bit more bearable, as Wednesday’s are now the new Friday’s.

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AND at The Eastern Review

Review by Monique Rubbo

Attention Eastern addicts, there is a new club that has taken it’s place AND it’s pretty exciting.

The nightclub known as AND is the latest edition to the Eastern Suburbs clubbing scene. Situated on top of the Eastern Hotel and Restaurant (AKA the old techno level for all you veterans) AND has been dubbed as the new place if your looking for a memorable weeknight adventure. Although for many people it was an emotional goodbye to the old Wednesday nights at the Eastern, which brought a new meaning to the word 'Thursday hangover', this animated, creative and fun place has been the talk of the town since opening four months ago and I guarantee will not disappoint anybody who dares to take it on. The wall of letters at the entrance of the venue may actually stop you from entering the club at all. Creating words out of giant magnetic letters has never been so fun! Immediately you feel like you’re transported into another world, the walls are so vibrant and full of life, there are chandeliers made of milk crates and outside in the smoking area, there is a wall made entirely of books, no – I am not kidding!

The crowd was a little bit younger then what you would see on your standard Saturday night out, but this made little difference, the atmosphere was great! Inside the main room near the bar are giant string sculptures; Lego hand railings and of course what club wouldn’t be complete without life size puzzle pieces. Every Wednesday the event knows as Beats AND Pieces offers all different kind of drinking promotions. On the night that we went it was called “Scissors, paper, rock”. This meant that every time a drink was ordered you had to play scissors, paper, rock with the ridiculously cute bar tenders and if you won your drink was complimentary (lucky for me I was an expertise scissors, paper, rock player as a child.)

The other 3 rooms were even more thrilling then the first. Two being karaoke rooms full of tone deaf people who had won a few too many free drinks and the other known as the “submarine” room which was full of water lounges, giant fish tanks and a stripper pole which is entertaining for everyone, no matter their age. Unlike other clubs in Sydney that consider themselves too ‘elite’ to provide seating for their patrons, this club is the complete opposite. It provides tonnes of different and interesting seating options – but ladies beware some are not quite so mini-skirt friendly.

Also, make sure you try their famous fireball shot, which consists solely of Bacardi, cinnamon snaps and tobacco sauce, and let me assure you they are a lethal mix. The chilled and relaxed nature of AND is what had me memorized by this little but enchanting place. I can’t guarantee that it’s for everyone but I must insist you at least give it a chance, It’s truly a breath of fresh air in comparison to the George Street Jungle which we have sadly grown accustom to. You wont have to deal with, long lines, rude security guards and over priced beverages that are usually 90% ice and 10% liquid. I hope AND makes you laugh and love as much as I did.

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