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Orbit Lounge Bar (Summit Restaurant)

47/264 George St, Sydney, NSW
(02) 9247 9777
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It hasn't stood still for 40 years, rotating at a metre a minute, 47 spectacular floors above the city. As the grey-pink veil of evening envelops the sunset, the plush room acquires a warm, translucent glow from watermelon pink lamps and myriad Campari bottles. A popular venue with Sydney sophisticates offers late night dining and lounge music each evening from 5pm.

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What to Expect @ Orbit Lounge Bar

Hi Nerys Rodrigues

Are you sick of sleazy bars and clubs in Sydney? Tired of cheap tasting drinks? Loath a cramped interior? Well then it's time to step up to class and sophistication at Orbit Lounge Bar at Summit Restaurant in Sydney.

Its name is literal: Orbit Bar 'orbits'. By this I mean it is situated in the centre of a revolving restaurant, rotating one metre a minute, providing nothing but the best 360 degree views of Sydney CBD and Harbour. First impressions can be summed up in three words: "OH MY GOD". I must say, being situated 47 floors above Australia Square I had very high expectations of this place.

The Orbit Lounge Bar is definitely the place to go for some one on one time. The bar is part of the larger Summit Restaurant owned and run by Australian Chef Michael Moore. Upon entering the restaurant you are guided towards the granite top bar, which only glistens as the warm halogens reflect of the surface. It's the sort of meeting place to engage in conversation with mates.

If you're the dance type, then Orbit Lounge Bar probably not the place for you. I was taken away by the music. It was soft, serene and classical - calming, almost, but it suited the place just fine. Don't expect to Party Rock with LMFAO here. It's probably one of the only bars I could actually have a proper conversation with my friend without having to yell at the top of my lungs.

The best part of the bar (besides the drinks) are the distinct white leather couches. The plush exterior allows you to sit down and unwind. For the more casual, why not hit up the leather bar stools at the bar?

The clientele are sleek, chic and sophisticated like the venue. On a typical Friday night, expect to see business executives catching up with colleagues over a few drinks. While the Saturday night draw in the mature or people aged 25-65, many of which dine in the accompanying restaurant. I certainly felt a little out of place, being the youngest among this mature lot.

However, with classiness comes with a price. A good glass of red wine could set you back a clean $18, while for spirits like vodka or cognac (of the highest quality) you're looking at a cool $15-22. I recommend trying the cocktails. The mixologist can serve a mean shaking of liqueurs and juices which are to die for. If you're feeling hungry you could always dine at the Summit. I didn't get a chance to dine, here but I know that when you get 360 views of the harbour, you know it's fine dining!

Overall Orbit is romantic, edgy without being sleazy and intimate. It definitely a place to catch up with friends over a few drinks. My recommendation, though: don't try and get wasted unless you have the money!

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