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  Devilles Pad
Devilles Pad
3 Aberdeen St, Perth, WA, 3000
(08) 9225 6669
Perth CBD
Fans: 15 | Already a fan

Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the Devilles Pad is as classy as it is unique. With a dress to impress attitude catering to the over 25's (or the mature minded 18 - 25's), the Devilles Pad provides a escape from the run of the mill bars and clubs around town, ensuring a HELL of a great night out!!!

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What to Expect @ Deville's Pad

By Lidia Aniela

Every so often, I find that my ears start to burn when I overhear murmurings about a lack of originality in local venues. So it makes me smile when a kickass gem like Deville's pops up out of the blue, obliterating that pesky 'Dullsville' tag like a sugar charged preschooler armed with a pinata stick. Three years ago, creators Wonder Bar Designs accepted the challenge of revamping a derelict karaoke bar into a multifunctional haunting ground. With a knack for extreme club makeovers (another WBD project is Hula Bula Bar, a Tiki themed joint that's few coconuts shy of a tropical acid trip) everything you'll encounter at Deville's from the 'lava' bar to delightfully outlandish wall adornments have been designed to suck visitors into a vortex of demonic delights.

Sweeping in one Friday eve, I was greeted by two bejewelled she-devils, wielding basketball sized bosoms that would turn Heidi Montag green with envy. Even the foyer at Deville's (doubling as a cloakroom and gift shop) is a sight to behold. Picture the Playboy mansion, as if it were run by Lucifer instead of Hef (and though I hate to disappoint you guys, the devil girls are only statues) After paying my $10 dues, I headed through the crushed velvet drapes, past the animated gargoyles and into the centre of the action.

Unlike its tiny Hawaiian cousin, the club commands a sizeable area, catering not only as a cocktail bar and diner but also a live entertainment space. From the sunken dancefloor to the red vinyl booths, every inch is decked out in a haunted-manor-turned-Vegas-burlesque-cabaret-from-Hades fashion. Blending so many motifs might seem like insanity here they coexist marvellously. Throw in some crazy, colourful and very welcoming staff and you've got one HELL of a place.

If you ever needed an excuse to dust off those fishnets and feather boas, there's no better place than Deville's. The website invites visitors to 'dress to impress', which many a seasoned Devillian takes as carte blanche to get into character. OK, suiting up in a devil costume from Halloween '03 might not be everybody's idea of propriety, so for the slightly less adventurous, smart casual threads are perfectly fine. In the spirit of maintaining the ambiance it's true that over 25s are preferred. But before you scream ageism, let me just say this: like the dress code, it's simply an advisory. With wicked live acts like go go dancers, magicians, and old school rock and roll bands gracing the stage each night, a super selection of cocktail concoctions (try the absinthe mix!) and good times aplenty, this is a venue tremendously popular with night owls of all ages.

Deville's tops the list of 'must do' bars in Perth. Whether you wish it was Halloween every day or simply need a crazy night out, this is the place to be!

A 2nd Look @ Deville's Pad

By Daniel McCormack

If you want to go to a place that's different, a little daring and somewhat spooky then the Deville's Pad might just be the place for you. It's a bar, restaurant and live entertainment all in one. There is even a dance floor to get things extra heated. Over twenty-fives are preferred but they are lenient letting over 18's in as long as they fit with the dress code, which is smart casual.

The meals are affordable and they have everything from pork ribs, fries to steak and prawns. Vegetarian alternatives are also available. To make things better, the entertainment on any given night is at no extra cost! For those only wanting to watch the live shows and have a drink can pay an entry fee of ten dollars. Personally, I recommend putting that money towards a cheap meal, as most dishes are only sixteen dollars. The cocktails are a little pricier ranging from $15-$20 but they are quite a decent size. Thursday nights are also made popular with special 'demon dinners' (ten dollar dinner special). This night also boosts a fun karaoke evening allowing for patrons to nominate their beloved friends and family to sing from a long list of wicked songs. The staff are incredibly friendly so don't be too scared if someone dressed as a zombie approaches you.

The Deville's Pad is similar to the popular Dracula's Cabaret Restaurant on the Gold Coast but is unique in its own way. I highly recommend giving this place a shot. It's devilishly good!

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