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Ding Dong Lounge

Level 1/18 Market Lane, Melbourne, VIC
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Melbourne's underground & alternative rock'n roll bar that delivers live, local, national & international rock to salute you!! The Ding Dong Lounge is the sister bar to New York City's very own Ding Dong Lounge, & is nestled in the centre of Chinatown, Melbourne - Australia...Open late, DD also stars a host of young DJ's spinning the decks w/ a mix of vintage & contemporary rock, new wave, electro, punk & garage. Ding Dong is also FREE ENTRY from 12AM EVERY NIGHT we are open (Excluding 'Weekender' indie club night fortnightly) after the bands - until late on weekdays - & 4am or later on weekends...

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Ding Dong Lounge Review

Review By Sophie Lane

A few years ago, the heavily tattooed door lady stamping my hand with extra aggression along with two totalitarian bouncers made me sweaty at the palms with apprehension upon entering Melbourne's underground favourite; Ding Dong Lounge. Flash forward three years and yes my palms are still sweaty, but this time with sheer excitement. It's been far too long between dings and dongs. I can't wait to get inside.

Upon approach, unless you're an old hand at Ding Dong delights, the small entrance to the lounge is easily overlooked. A dingy, peculiar, underground entrance awaits, and a line consisting of no more than you and a few friends makes the first timer feel as though perhaps they're paying entrance to something much more sinister. Don't worry, your stiletto's aren't needed for self defence tonight, put the pumps down and prepare yourself for a night of pure rock pulp.

While the entrance leaves a little to be desired for those who have yet to experience the lounge's unimaginable insides, once the stairs are climbed and the entrance fee paid (this is waived after 12am, the tattooed lady has a soft side after all) you will find yourself almost directly at the foot of the bar. As I contemplate whether the designer of Ding Dong Lounge had a history with Alcoholics Anonymous, I embrace my hypocrisy and line up for the first of many Coronas.

The bar service is a little slow, which may explain why it is so integral to get to the bar before diving into the crowd and dancing under Morrissey's woeful wails.

Small tables and seats fill up the area which leads to the back dance floor, although as the live band play a set which you could swear was taken straight from radio station Triple J, the entire lounge is filled to the brim with the jumps and falls of each and every skinny legged boy to both your left and right.

As the night progresses, if live music is not for you and you'd rather relish in Joy Devision's songs of yesteryear, you'll be glad to know that the live set is slowly replaced by the alternative underground recorded groans of bands from the 80's onwards.

For the self conscious sing along-er, Ding Dong provides a warm welcome for the underground first timer, who may have once been intimidated by copious amounts of piercings, but now finds solace in one of the warmest of underground lounges Melbourne has to offer. Whether you prefer Britney or Bloc Party, you'll find yourself welcomed by the tight flannelette wearing boys at Ding Dong Lounge.

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