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Bond Lounge

24 Bond St, Melbourne, VIC
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There is no other bar in Melbourne like Bond Lounge. Come in and enter another world as you slide down underground and into the chocolate curves and creamy soft shadows that have to be experienced to be believed.

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Bond Lounge Review

Review by Emma Hall

When I first heard of Bond Lounge, I immediately pictured clean cut suits, fast cars and plenty of martinis “shaken, not stirred”. However, while Bond Lounge may be underground, it is far from secret. The bar is named not for the double O agent, but for its location, Bond Avenue, off Flinders Street. And no part of Bond Lounge is reminiscent of Ian Fleming’s spy series. Except perhaps great martinis.

Upon entering Bond Lounge, you descend into a space of surprising size given the small entrance on the narrow alley outside. The décor is equally surprising in its choice of era; with slanting ceilings, curving walls, dark wood covering most surfaces, and dim lighting in various shades of yellow, orange and red, stepping into Bond Lounge is like stepping into the seventies. Almost.

The DJ manning the small, intimidate dance floor plays a mix of rap, hip hop and rnb, although Bond lends itself more to a night of talking and drinking than dancing in a pressing crowd. And despite the old school style of the place, Bond certainly does not attract people of the same era. Although quiet at the beginning of the night, clientele varying from businessmen having an after work drink to groups just starting their night out, towards midnight Bond becomes busy with a more vibrant and energetic crowd.

The atmosphere is relaxed and informal- no dress code applies, and there is no entry fee. Comfortable, low couches scattered around a raised level overlooking the dance floor and bar allow people to sit, talk and drink, or even just relax and people-watch. Sectioned off areas- with a private bar- are available for functions. Service at the bar is prompt as they have plenty of people on staff.

Drink prices are reasonable - standard spirits average $10, while there is a range in price and type of wine and champagne. These is a selection of bar snacks and light meals reasonably priced at $10-$15. However, Bond Lounge is essentially a cocktail bar. Cocktails are made with extreme care, good presentation and excellent results! There are over 20 different cocktails available, using a variety of spirits and ingredients. Highly recommended are the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’; concoctions based on the cardinal sins and named accordingly. These, along with most of the cocktails at Bond, are $15 each, while a tasting plate of all seven is only $45.

Overall, if you’re looking for a night of quality drinks at good prices, chatting with friends and maybe having a bit of a dance, Bond Lounge is a perfect destination. A block away from Flinders Street Station, it is easy to get to and not difficult to find (once you know what to look for!). While you might not encounter James himself at Bond Lounge, you will certainly find your way to acquiring his taste in classy yet casual surroundings, and a palate for well prepared cocktails.

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