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Electric Playground

27 Warner St, Fortitude Valley, QLD
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Located on Warner St, Electric Playground is a small nightclub that thumps a techno beat with an eclectic mix of colour and themed decor. The club, which has hosted celebrity djs, was renovated and reopened with lasers and light shows. It is a new hot spot for the party crowd, with a large outdoor area and built in an old church. The club has changed hands a few times over the years, but it seems to have finally found it's calling and an Electic Playground it is.

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Electric Playground Review

Review by Rosalie Grace

Electric Playground can be best described a year-long dance party. As soon as you walk in the doors, an unbelievable display of laser lights and loud music are impossible to resist and you will be on the dance floor before you even realise.

Boasting an incredible reputation for local and international DJ appearances, Electric Playground is easily one of the Valley's hotspots.

Electric Playground feels like an underground haven for all things electronic and techno, the decor is eclectic yet at the same time very modern and fresh.Funky, colourful furniture and fixtures fill the club, and these are enhanced with the use of neon and laser lights scattered throughout. The windows of the club are brightly lit and designed to look like stained-glass windows, giving an edgy and electro feel. Several poles and podiums are strategically placed on the floor of the club and these draw you in to have a dance (the appeal increases with greater intoxication!). The layout is lively, fun and energetic. It is obvious this "playground" is all about the dancing, however it was hard to find a place to sit down and give the feet a rest so dancing shoes (or at least comfortable heels for the ladies) are recommended!

Electric Playground definitely attracts a very young crowd, for the most part 18-22 year olds looking for good techno beats and dancing up an alcohol-induced storm!Dressed in short party dresses or smart t-shirts with closed-in shoes, the crowd are stylish but youthful and casual. People at Electric Playground know they are in for a party and really fit the theme and feel of the club.

The atmosphere of the club seems like that of an electronic music festival with the DJ in pride of place on a neon-lit stage as techno fanatics dance and take in the music almost in a trance. The darkness of the rooms and the smoke machine can often make certain corners of this club a little sleazy (or, depending on how you look at it, great opportunities to hook up) although this is not unusual for this type of nightclub in the Valley.

The Prices at Electric Playground are pretty reasonable for a Brisbane nightclub with entry cover charge being $10 before 11pm and $15 afterwards on a usual Saturday night. The cheaper entry fee might be why the club kicks off relatively early and, although the Valley generally gets into full swing after 11pm, many people choose to visit this club before moving on elsewhere. Drinks-wise, basic spirit mixes or shots at the bar will set you back at around $8 each, though this can be known to change on other nights or special events.

If you love electronic music and are looking to dance until you drop then the Electric Playground is definitely for you. Electric Playground is the perfect escape into a crazy storm of colour, lights and sounds that will leave you wanting more (and perhaps with a ringing in your ears!).

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A Second Review of Electric Playground

Review by Caitlyn Davey

This weekend, I went to see a UFC fighter celebrity DJ for the Electric Playground, a new club on Warner St in Fortitude Valley. It is part of the same complex as 'The Church' (Magic City). It has changed hands a few times over the years, being Planet Hollywood and then The Planet nightclub, but I think this building has finally found its calling.

The decor is where this club excels. The name Electric Playground is apt - it is colourful and eclectic. Lasers sweep over the neon lit bar, and screens in the walls play a visualiser all over the club. It is cool and well ventilated for the small building. The smoke machines and green lasers fill the club and create a fun party feel.

The small area is well laid out for a club. There is a rectangle with the DJ on a raised platform in the middle overlooking the dance floor. Outside the terrace runs down the side of the building with levels to dance and sit. They have a DJ playing outside to keep the atmosphere of the club going outside. Inside, it is a simple rectangle with the bar and seating raised overlooking the dance floor which is spacious and underneath the DJ.

The prices were average for drinks. The entry fee was $15 however, but this was because there was a celebrity DJ playing. The demographic in attendance may have been because of the DJ but I have been previously and it has always been a young techno crowd.

The club was not very busy. The seats were mostly taken but there were only a handful of people on the dance floor. The fact that it was the night before a big music festival may have had something to do with this, but I don't know. The lesson I have learned in Valley clubbing is that it is hit and miss and that the party starts after 11pm. Any earlier (with the exception of nights with events) tends to result in an empty venue.

The atmosphere is a nightclub techno feel. The patrons are well dressed and looking to dance. There is an ATM in the club, and seating near it and the toilets. One thing for inside Electric Playground, talking is difficult; this is a place to dance.

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