Smoking and Clubbing

For decades, clubbing and smoking has gone hand-in-hand. Recently, I jumped onboard a tall ship for a week of scrubbing, cleaning, cooking and sail training. My working holiday came with all kinds of rules. Mobiles, iPods, alcohol, drugs and cigarettes weren’t allowed on the boat. I went a little crazy without my music and contact with human life on land, but others on the ship seemed to have trouble letting go of other forbidden fruits.
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Top 6 Timeless Songs in Bars and Nightclubs: Techno/House Music

If you’re like me, chances are you go to bars and nightclubs based on how cheap their drinks are, or how good the music is. If a place has both, it becomes an immediate hotspot. Some club anthems die after a few months; other songs remain timeless. Timeless songs are the most amazing: they unite the entire crowd with a common love of the song and dancing to it.

One of my favourite genres in bars and nightclubs is techno/house music…Especially if I’ve had a few drinks and the world is starting to spin. Techno songs help you ease into a beat and make the time fly by. Everyone puts their hands up and gets into the rhythm of the song. Here are a some of those mainstream techno songs that will always put you in the mood to dance, regardless of where you are or how old you are.

Techno/House Music

1. Fedde Le Grand - Put Your Hands Up For Detroit
This 2006 song will be an eternal party hit. It expects people to dance and put their hands up - that’s why it says so in the title. The song builds up nicely, and has a catchy beat that will stick with you long after the song has finished. Many times in clubs, “Put Your Hands Up For Detroit” can be playing for 5 minutes or longer and the crowd just doesn’t get sick of it.

2. Darude - Sandstorm
Words will never be able to describe this song. Even though it was made in 1999, it has truly withstood the test of the millennium and still features in at least one club every week. It’s a song that every single person knows, and every single person loves a little bit (even if they don’t admit it).

3. Guru Josh Project - Infinity
This song is part Techno/House, and part pure sex. I don’t know what it is about this song that makes me picture stripping women, but it’s the perfect excuse in a club for getting close to someone. With it’s catchy beat, it’s easy to use dance moves other than the “jump up and down, and put your hands up”, and will no doubt be a club hit that can withstand the test of time.

4. Sidney Samson - Riverside
One of the most quotable songs ever. With the one line quoted from Tupac Shakur that’s repeated throughout the entire song, “Riverside” is a perfect fusion of the old and new. It’s no wonder that for the last year this song has been playing non-stop in clubs. Even if it’s playing in your car or on your iPod, Sidney Samson gives a beat that can never be forgotten.

5. Kid Cudi - Day ‘N’ Nite (Crookers Remix)
What started out as a hip-hop anthem quickly became a club hit with the Crookers Remix. This is the perfect song to dance the night away to.

6. Ian Carey Project - Get Shaky
Enough said…


7. Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling (David Guetta Remix)
To be honest, most remixes of this song are pretty great. This is possibly the epitome of a song that sums up the beginning of every single night out. It puts you in the most positive mood ever, and is catchy enough that you can dance while getting ready for or enjoying your great night. If this song doesn’t play in a night, I almost feel as though it’s missing something. Everyone knows this song, everyone can sing along to it, drink to it, and dance to it. Possibly the best song to come out of 2009, nightclub-wise.

If you feel like dancing now, I apologize. Stay tuned for the other genres!

By Kelly Teng

Today’s recommended Melbourne Bars are:

Q Room
Transport Hotel
Der Raum
Spice Market

Sri Lankan Bars and Nightclubs

Sri Lanka is certainly one of the hottest destinations to see this year and it turns out the bars and clubs might be one huge drawing card.

Recently, a friend of mine travelled to the beautiful tear shaped island for many reasons. She and her boyfriend wanted an experience like no other. They wanted to eat great traditional food, sip on cocktails while sitting beneath cinnamon trees and generally having a holiday which other tourists have yet to experience. “We wanted to see Sri Lanka in its original state, before the huge hotel chains invade it and the place becomes the newest tourist destination,” said Luci Martin. “I use to go to Thailand for a true Asian holiday, but it has become over populated with tourists, hotel chains, department stores and doesn’t have the same feel anymore.”
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Top Five University Bars in Australia

Uni kicks off again this week around the country for most students. Whether your new to campus or going back for another semester, the bar is sure to be a spot you’ll be hitting for a beer or two. Our uni bars have pretty impressive events and theme nights going on these days. From beer pong competitions to watching a band on the grass with a hotdog, our student unions are going to extra lengths to improve our uni life. Here are our picks for the top five university bars around Australia.

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The Top Ten Bars of the World

One: Harry’s New York Bar, Paris
This bar is best known for mixing the best cocktails, hosting all kinds of people from the very wealthy to those with not so much cash. Pianists play during the week and it is always packed with those coming and going to the theatres down the street.

Two: Milk & Honey, New York
The older sister of this baby is in London, but this bar has dim lighting, deep, cosy banquettes and top class drinks.

Three: PDT [Please Don’t Tell], New York
Enter this place through a hotdog shop. Step into a phone booth, identify yourself by speaking on the receiver and wait until the door is buzzed open. Behind the secret door is a world where stuffed animals hang on walls and many drinks contain bacon infused bourbon, topped with a dash of maple syrup.

Four: Boadas, Barcelona
The oldest cocktail bar in Barcelona, this place has no tables and a long list of great drinks named after stars like Sofia Loren.

Five: Le Lion De Paris, Hamburg
This bar is a small place with subdued lighting and cream and chocolate brown tones inside. It has a very short, but extremely sweet tasting drinks menu and the best bit, a huge lion standing smack bang in the centre towards the back of the bar.

Six: Bayswater Brasserie, Sydney
This is a place with sleek furniture, fabulous cocktails and helpful service.

Seven: Death & Co, New York
Oil burners provide dim lighting in this place while a lively crowd sips on cocktails to the sounds of classic jazz.
Eight: Flatiron Lounge, New York
This is a relatively small bar with tiny tables for two, cosy couches and inventive cocktails.

Nine: Hemingway Bar the Ritz, Paris
This is the bar the historic writer, Ernest Hemingway loved. This place has wooden paneling, leather arm-chairs and photographs up around the walls of interesting people the current owner has taken himself.

10: Shochu Lounge, London
This is a stylish bar specializing in creating cocktails from a Japanese mixology tradition using fruit liqueurs. Lighting is low, decor consists of dark woods and read quilted seats.

By Nastasia Campanella

Other Way OF Saying “Drunk”

OK, we’ve all at one time or another gotten completely wasted at a bar or nightclub. Some stories are great, others are not ones we want to remember, but what about the next day when we tell our other mates how drunk we actually were the night before. What words do we use? Here are a few I’ve picked up around town:



Drunk off my tits!

Hanging off the rafters!







Drunk as a skunk!

Pissed as a parrot!





Today’s Recommended Goldcoast Bars are:

Minus 5 Ice Bar
Melbas Nightclub
Cocktails and Dreams
Platinum Nightclub
Sin City

Top Ten International Events To Party At

When deciding where to go on holidays we consider many factors. Weather, sports, food, money, distance and ofcourse bars, nightclubs and the general nightlife. If you love a good party and are one of those people who regularly hits up the clubs and bars in your hometown, then the party life of a place is something you should think about. Each country / city has its very own special festival or cultural celebration and getting involved is part of the fun. Perhaps when planning your next trip, you should check out these places for great traditional partying.

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Advice For Clubbing In The Winter

Its two degrees on a Saturday night, the streets are wet, the rain is pissing down and still girls out on the town having fun in various bars and nightclubs and insist on wearing well, not much at all!

OK, so I’m not a total grandma. I’m like the next girl and absolutely love slipping on a hot little black dress with straps and not much of a skirt, but that’s in summer time. Winter comes and I’m all about the tights with long tops, boots and jeans with gorgeous coats. Click Here To Read More

The Best Bar and Nightclub Drinking Games

Dudo (Latin America)

Legend says that more than 400 years ago, King Atahualpa of the Incas taught the Spanish conquistador Pizarro a game now known as dudo (Spanish for “I doubt”). This game belongs to a family of dice game based on deception, called “liar’s dice” which are popular all over Latin American bars and nightclubs, and also go under the names “Mexicali” in the United States, and “Maxchen” in Germany. To play dudo, you need two or more participants. Each player rolls five dice hidden under their tumbler. After taking a sneak peek, each player has to make successively bolder claims (often lies) about the dice numbers they’re holding, until one player decides to challenge (call someone out a liar), by yelling “dudo!”. The loser (whoever incorrectly challenged, or whoever was proven a liar) must drink and loses one dice. The last player with dice wins! Click Here To Read More

Sydney Bars and Nightclubs – Here’s a Tip

The best places to have a drink are truly dependant on the mood you are in, the mood of the weather gods and the atmosphere you are looking for. So here follows a few suggestions of stereotypical life situations when you really just want to have a drink at a bar or nightclub:

So you’ve had a long week, it’s been hell, torture in 8 hour grabs and all you want to do is get lost in a view, pleasant atmosphere and maybe sneak a few peeks at some beautiful people…
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