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World Hotspots for Bars and Nightclubs

Because I love travelling and clubbing, I find the best thing to do in most cases is combine them and kill two birds with one stone. Bars and nightclubs in different cities can show you a side of the city you’ve never seen, and give you memories you will never forget. Whether it’s Sydney, Paris, New York, Shanghai, London or Ibiza, there are some countries which you have to go to in order to experience the world nightlife scene at it’s best.
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Public Art in Bars and Nightclubs

Art is no longer confine to the walls of galleries, writes Nastasia Campanella. For a long time now, artists have sketched, painted and drawn pieces on the walls of pubs, bars and clubs. “It’s a way of showing the talents of some of the best unknown artists,” said Simon Mercier – owner of Name This Bar. Mercier runs two Sydney establishments, one is a pub named the White Horse and the second, Name This Bar. “On the walls of Name This Bar, we have a work called secret wars from an artist from London,” said Mercier. “I went to the UK, saw the concept and then wanted to have it in my own venue.”
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Binge Drinking Statistics and Information

Drinking alcohol almost always comes hand-in-hand with bars and nightclubs. From the second we’re old enough and ugly enough to wrap our lips around a beer bottle, we start experimenting. We test our livers, attempt to outdo our friends, try to impress the opposite sex with how much we can hold down and others drink their problems away. Some people though, drink excessively for no real reason at all. Sad, but very true, binge drinking is a concept which is still alive and thriving in Australia.

I saw this situation unfold for myself over the weekend. I wasn’t at a bar or nightclub. Instead, my friends and I held a small house party which we thought would be nice for an overdue catch up. We got a few bottles of nice wine and cooked up a stack of food.

In every group, there always seems to be someone who takes the fun a little too far. I had thought one particular friend might be up for a huge booze fest so as soon as she arrived I encouraged her to eat dinner with the rest of us. She took my sweet advice, but unfortunately wasn’t able to go through the night without her glass of bourbon and coke. From the time she arrived, until the time she left, she never once had a free hand or an empty glass.

The night ended in typical fashion for her. Yes she over did it, yes she ended up spewing everywhere and yes she felt like absolute crap and totally regretted it the next morning as we munched on our bacon and eggs. Thing is though, I know she’ll be doing the same thing next Saturday night whether she is at home, at a pub, bar or nightclub and every consecutive Saturday after that. Some people never learn!

Sadly however, my friend isn’t alone. The Australian Bureau of Statistics [ABS], defines binge drinking as more than seven drinks a night for men and more than five for women. According to the National Health and Medical Research Centre [NHMRC], 18 percent of Australian’s between the age of 20 and 29 are binge drinking at least once a week. Females under the age of 19 have overtaken males as higher binge drinkers. While the rates of binge drinking have increased, so have the ages of people binging. Once upon a time, young people were blamed as the biggest bingers, but it seems people of ages up to 55 are now drinking excessively as well.

It also seems Australian’s aren’t’ the only people consumed by alcohol. In the US, 24 percent binge drink, with those under 29 being the biggest guzzlers. In Poland, 40 percent of people binge drink once a month, while 35 percent of people within the UK and Ireland go on monthly benders. Countries like Romania [eight percent], Portugal [nine percent], and Greece [ten percent], had some of the lowest rates of binge drinking in the world.

Doctor Clive Morris from NHMRC said the reasons why people drink excessively are varied. “Some say they do it for fun, some say it helps them deal with their problems and others remark it’s all about loosening inhibitions,” he said. “Binging can be viewed as a way of celebrating, letting go, relieving stress, gaining confidence and to socialise.”

CEO of the Australian Drug Foundation, John Rogerson said Australian society has a huge drinking culture. “Research is now showing that how a community views alcohol determines how much people drink,” he said. “Communities that have a culture of drinking have much higher rates of binging, while communities where drinking is frowned upon have lower statistics.” This research suggests that societal views play a larger part in rates of drinking rather than a family or friends opinion.

Binge drinking doesn’t come without its complications. Forget about the amount of money you would be spending on purchasing alcohol and the time you’d be wasting in drinking heavily all night and spending the entire next day in bed. There is also the medical affects to consider. There have been cases of people getting so tanked that they’ve needed to have their stomachs pumped, their body rehydrated with proper fluids and the increased chance of liver damage. Over time, heavy alcohol consumption can be harmful and life threatening.

Having a glass a day is said to keep the doctor away, but overdoing it can be fatal. Knowing when to stop is a personal choice. Our advice when you’re heading out for a night of drinking would be to pace yourself, drink water between your alcoholic beverages and try not to do anything overly disrespectful.

By Nastasia Campanella

National Daiquiri Day

I’ll never forget my first time. I was very nervous, my hands shook a little, my palms felt sweaty and I couldn’t stop gazing at my gorgeous friend. Slowly, gently, I parted my lips, slid my tung towards the front of my mouth and had my very first taste of him. It was sweet and unlike anything I’d ever had before.

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Forget Diamonds! Martini’s Are A Girls Best Friend

Martinis are absolutely the most well known and commercialized cocktail in bars and clubs around the world. James Bond loved them, sipping on 15 different types during his many films. They scream class, sophistication and sex appeal. Nastasia Campanella sips her way through the history of one of the worlds most cherished drinks.

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The Best Four Clubs in Ibiza

Ah, Ibiza! That little amazing place where the party never stops. Clubbing enthusiasts everywhere have either been too, or are dying to head to Ibiza for the worlds greatest nightclubs. When your there though, you need to know where to spend your time, not a minute should be wasted. We’ve done the work for you! Here is a run down of the four hottest clubs on the island you must visit.

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Melbourne vs Sydney — Which is the Nightlife Capital of Australia?

The rivalry between Melbourne and Sydney exists on so many fronts, be it which has the best fashion, football code, weather, schooners vs pints, traffic, job opportunities, lifestyle, architecture, public transport (well you get the message).  Whilst these all may be important facets of a city metropolis, they all pale in comparison to the one true measure of a city’s standard of living.
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A Beginners Guide to House Music…

Each decade, a new genre of music takes centre stage, playing a defining role in bar, nightclub, nightlife and clubbing experience.  The 2000’s have been dominated by Rappers, RnB and Hip Hop artists, however as we move into the next decade, electronic music is vast becoming the music of choice for bars and nightclubs around the world.
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10 Interesting Facts Bar and Nightclub Facts, Figures and World Records

  1. The countries with the highest amount of beer consumed per capita are (in order) Czech Republic, Ireland, Germany, Australia and Austria.
  2. Another word for bar is “Taproom”
  3. The Guinness world record for the world’s smallest bar is held by a bar in Colorado called ‘Sam’s’, with room for 4 people.
  4. The term VIP was invented during World War 2 by the Royal Air Force.
  5. The worst ever accident at a nightclub was in 1942 in the Cocoanut club in Boston, with 402 people dying in a fire.
  6. A nightclub is usually distinguished from bars, pubs or taverns by the inclusion of a dance floor and a DJ booth
  7. The 4 biggest super clubs in the world are Ministry of Sound, Pacha, Idols and Cream.
  8. The rhythm and tempo of house music is designed to be identical to the typical heart rate of someone peaking on ecstasy.
  9. Fabric Nightclub in London (Voted best nightclub in the world a bunch of times) has a dance floor which has a bunch of speakers in it, designed to “inject” the music straight into the bodies of it’s punters.
  10. Movida Nightclub in London holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s most expensive cocktail at 35,000 English pounds.  The cocktail consists of Louis XII cognac, half a bottle of Cristal Rose champagne, sugar, angostura bitters and a dash of 24-carat edible gold leaf. And not to mention, at the bottom of your glass you will find an 11-carat white diamond ring… Hmm I think it’s your shout.

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7 of the Best Bars & Nightclubs from Movies

Everyone who classes themselves as a bar or nightclub enthusiast has watched a movie thinking I “where do I find a place like that.” So we decided to put together a list of the top 7 bars and nightclubs from movies that we would want to party in. So do they really exist? Probably not, but still it’s a nice thought.
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