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Types of Guys in Bars and Nightclubs

Whenever girls go out to bars and nightclubs, there is the unavoidable circumstance that we all have to face: getting hit on by guys. Guys can be sleazy, charming, cute, cool, hot, and everything in between…but how do you sort out the good guys from the bad guys? The right person in nightclubs can make your night enjoyable, fun, and provide you with a great hook up if that’s what you’re looking for. Here’s a little list of the types of guys in bars and nightclubs to help you avoid the perverts, and figure out those guys who just don’t make sense.

1. The funny guy.

This guy will normally be found with his group of guy mates, cracking jokes or doing stupid dance moves. Don’t get him confused with the ‘charming funny guy’: this guy is purely laughs, laughs, and laughs. He will be good fun for the night, but don’t expect him to call in the morning or take anything he says too seriously. He might make jokes about your looks, your weight, or anything else that guys aren’t supposed to say to girls; you are going to have to ignore these comments if you want the guy for anything more than a good laugh.

2. The pervert.

I’m sure that most girls have encountered enough of these guys to know exactly how to spot them, but leopards can change their spots. Some perverted or sleazy guys can masquerade as normal people, or can even be very charming. The easiest way to spot these guys and avoid getting in to a sticky situation is to watch for the warning signs: watch for excessive touching, excessive buying of drinks for you, and excessive ‘I’m trying to kiss you’ signs such as leaning in too close or trying to take you to quiet spots.

3. The guy who is just looking for sex.

Don’t get this confused with the pervert: the pervert is looking for any excuse to touch a girl, any excuse to look at a girl for more than two seconds, or any excuse to be alone with you so he can try and make some move. The guy who’s just looking for sex has more standards than the pervert, and will generally talk to you a little. He may want to get to know you and see that you’re a really cool person, but if you don’t want sex too then he’ll probably get your number and get out of there. Give him your number and let him do his thing…he is a guy, after all.

Stay tuned for more types of guys in bars and nightclubs!

By Kelly Teng

World Hotspots for Bars and Nightclubs

Because I love travelling and clubbing, I find the best thing to do in most cases is combine them and kill two birds with one stone. Bars and nightclubs in different cities can show you a side of the city you’ve never seen, and give you memories you will never forget. Whether it’s Sydney, Paris, New York, Shanghai, London or Ibiza, there are some countries which you have to go to in order to experience the world nightlife scene at it’s best.
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The Complexities Of Picking Up In Bars and Nightclubs

When you head out to bars and clubs, many things could potentially happen. You might dance, have a few drinks and in many cases, you might meet some one you think is interesting. Clubs have a funny way of clouding your judgement; you misinterpret things people say because the music is loud, you might accidentally think someone is hot because of dim lighting and you might have a conversation and give someone your number without reflecting on your actions.
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Those Timeless Songs in Bars and Nightclubs: Pop

One genre that everyone grew up with and loved (if not now, at least when they were younger) is pop. Pop music is made to be jumped to, and it makes you happy regardless of whether the song is singing about falling in love, or having your heart broken.

Most people either love pop songs, or they hate them. However, whether the song is good or bad doesn’t necessarily correspond with how popular it is: what really matters is how many people know it. Pop stands for popular, and the theory goes like this: The more people that know the song, the more people that dance to it in bars and nightclubs. Pop is also seen as a predominantly female genre, so guys just might have to take a back seat on this one.
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Could You Go Topless for Cash?

I recently started working in a bar. I’d worked in the hospitality industry before – as a waitress and behind the bar. I knew there was going to be something quite different about working in a venue where girls went topless.

Initially, I went for the interview, was told about the job and accepted the work immediately. I’m fresh out of uni, wanted some cash to put towards an overseas trip and really just wanted some form of employment which didn’t require too much stress on the mind. Mix cocktails, poor beers, remove empty glasses from tables and ensure seedy old men don’t waste their child support down the pokies were my instructions. Before I walked out of my interview however, my soon boss to be had just one question he needed to ask; “If we pay you more, could you go topless?”

At first I wasn’t sure if he was serious. When his expression didn’t change and I couldn’t see a cheeky smile forming on his lips, I knew he was most definitely being serious. I don’t have a problem with girls who are into doing that for extra money, but personally, it’s not for me. I kindly said I was fine with the money he’d offered, but that my top would be staying firmly on in the workplace. He was totally fine with my response and the matter was never mentioned again.

When I went home that afternoon, I got to thinking about going topless. Would it really be that bad? I felt that my breasts weren’t that big and that my boss wouldn’t think the extra cash would be spent wisely on me. More than that though, was the thought of my parents / grandparents finding out. I would feel ashamed, embarrassed and like I would be letting them down. I’d always been a hard working girl, a smart girl, a girl with goals and dreams for the future. Prancing around in my underwear and letting men leer at my bits as a way of making a quick, easy buck wasn’t for me. I have no problem if you do that for work, hats off to you! If you like what you do and your happy with yourself go for it.

By Nastasia Campanella

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Why It Is Okay To Steal From Bars and Nightclubs

Let me start this with a little story of what happened to me one time at a bar.

It was the World Cup and me and 5 other friends were waiting for the Fifa Fan Fest to start. We decided to go to a bar to pass the next 3 hours before the game. Four of us ordered pints of Erdinger, and when we got our pints I noticed that my glass was slightly different. I asked the bartender, and he told me that “It’s a special World Cup Edition Glass”…I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. It was the best glass I had seen in my life!

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Nightclub Battle: Sweden vs England


Todays recommended Perth Bars are:

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Uni Bars!!!!!

I’m a self-confessed party animal! I loved hitting up the local pubs, but I’d always wondered about the better and bigger drinking spots. When the opportunity to go and study in Sydney became a possibility, I grabbed it with both hands.

Rural areas have always been stereotyped. Alcohol abuse, smoking pot and general misbehaviour has always been a pretty huge problem out there. Before I left home for the big smoke, my parents strongly warned me about the temptations of bars, nightclubs, drugs and drinking in the city. At first, I thought they were nuts. Huge cities wouldn’t have the same problems as we did back home.

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The Chick Code in Bars and Nightclubs

We are all familiar with the Bro Code. Barney Stinson even wrote an entire book on the subject, with rules such as 1) Bros before hoes, 3) You must never own a cat, and 19) Never share a bed with a guy, unless there’s no way around it. Guys have rules for when they go out…but what’s the code for girls?

When I first went out to bars and nightclubs with two of my girlfriends, I was in a relationship and they were single. They both went to hook up with guys, leaving me standing on my own like some sort of loser. Obviously, ‘Chicks before Dicks’ wasn’t on their code; they instead opted for ‘Dicks, Dicks, and more Dicks’. This leads me to believe that there should be some sort of Chick Code to make sure that at least other girls don’t end up looking exactly like me: a loser in a nightclub.
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Bars, Nightclubs and Aphrodesiac’s

Having good sex is an important part of human life. The food we eat and how much we drink are two factors that play a huge part in bedroom performance. The other night I went to a bar for tapas. Turned out everything we ordered for dinner would be considered an aphrodisiac well, in the traditional sense anyway. History tells us oysters increase our libidos and it got me to thinking about the foods bars and clubs are putting on their menus. Perhaps there is a hidden agenda there somewhere? I decided to find out exactly what foods are responsible for “getting us in the mood”.

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