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Eurotrash Bar

18 Corrs Ln, Melbourne, VIC
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Eurotrash Bar provides a mish mash of indie and electro beats hidden in the heart of Melbourne’s beloved CBD. Multiple rooms, live djs and bars providing weekly specials means that no night is the same at Eurotrash. If you’re looking for a big night out on the town met with the intimacy of a bar, you’ll find it here at the famed Eurotrash Bar!

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Eurotrash Bar Review

By Rowan Webb

“Hey mate were going to Eurotrash, meet you there?” After reading my mates’ text I began to wonder whether I’d just agreed to spend my night in a place in which I could only imagine filled with Melbournized versions of the Jersey Shore crew fist pumping their way through the night.

Arriving at 10, entry was slightly cheaper than many other venues around the Little Collins St area as I headed in past surprisingly friendly bouncers. Entering Eurotrash for the first time you’re immediately taken aback by French cafe booths and the vivid red of Turkish couches grouped in a corner away from the dance floor, accompanied by the main bar. Being a tad concerned about what I could only assume was my mother’s lost bachelorette party from the 1970s tearing up a DJ-less dance floor to my right; I went through to the smoker’s area to meet up with my group and berate my friend for his venue of choice.

Eurotrash caters for all types which was quickly evident as I happily managed to uncover both my group and others (that didn’t look like they’d just come from the bachelorette party of 1970 downstairs) relaxing amongst the intimate atmosphere of the Italian style smokers area or the wonderfully casual set up of the upstairs bar. After happily accepting a $10 dollar drink card from one of Eurotrash’s friendly host team, I grabbed an unbelievably strong Black Russian from one of the bar staff, who all blended in perfectly with the mix and match style of the venues decor and settled upstairs to hopefully enjoy some of what I presumed would be a pretty dull night. However after meeting everyone from a 28-year-old father who lectured me on the finer points of fatherhood to a gorgeous and flirty 19 year old Dutch pilot-in-training with one thing on her mind, it became apparent that Eurotrash’s set up allows a unique nightlife experience where audible conversations can take place amongst an unusually diverse crowd.

While the price of drinks is pretty standard, Eurotrash does run $6 dollar specials all nights on a range of drinks, a welcome relief to a student looking for a good time. Until midnight the age range found is usually 18-30, however after midnight the venue fills up deceptively quickly with a much younger crowd looking for a good time.

If you’re a bit of a Melbourne nightlife veteran looking for an enjoyable quiet one, Eurotrash until midnight is the place for you, but if you’re just getting started in hitting the town and are still looking for the best the CBD has to offer, Eurotrash from midnight onwards is where it’s at, as the upstairs dance floor opens to the talents of the regular DJ’s and renowned international guests spinning anything from dirty disco tech to eccentric indie beats.

A place to go when you have to please everybody, like an old friend, Eurotrash is always a reliable choice.

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A second review of Eurotrash Bar

Review By Sophie Lane

As the cab driver dropped our small group of stumbling sass arses into a small dingy lane off Little Bourke Street, my drunkard self mumbled the words “Eurotrash”, and I began to wonder whether Cabbie Clive had made a wrong turn at the fault of my sloppy speech. I could smell two day old Souvlaki coming from one of the dozen dumpsters to the end of the lane, “not European trash! I hate Souvlaki! Euro trash!” my drowning inner monologue argued. Luckily enough, a more experienced (and less intoxicated) friend led me to the small doorway of Melbourne CBD’s Eurotrash. In that instant I was saved endless embarrassment from the group of hipsters sitting just a few tubs of rotten Tzatziki away. Sahhh embarrassing. Sahhh too drunk to care.

Upon entrance, Melbourne city’s Eurotrash presents itself as the opposite of what the name suggests. Judging from the title, my past self had told me to drink like a mad miss before arriving (in order to coax myself into a false sense of security among what I has assumed would be a night of muzztech techno rabble). Instead I was met by an underground style bar playing eclectic indie beats with a mish mash of messy interior decorating to match. Then there were the skinny legged checked shirts standing across the room. I began to regret that last wine after catching a glimpse of myself in the bar top mirror. Snaggle tooth red lips anyone?

The front room bar presents an open, yet intimate atmosphere, and with the dj positioned directly opposite your sloppy Smirnoff arse, any girl is easily convinced that the boy with the shaggy hair and large headphones is playing just for you.

Drink prices are average for Melbourne city bars, and although second hand clothes are adorned by boys and girls left, right and centre, it seems that the same ‘Savers’ attitude isn’t applied to drink prices. Beer seems to be the most popular beverage of choice for both sexes, and with a swift swipe of a Corona, I ever so quietly heard my liver squirm a speech of thanks for my new light choice.

After dropping a slice of lemon into my Corona with a splash, I was greeted with a grin from my nearest victim. But have no fear, the atmosphere at Eurotrash is relaxed and welcoming. A sea of floppy arms and shaking legs filled up the intimate dance floor, and with this I decided that for a club which initially sounded like an overseas destination, I could gladly call Eurotrash home.

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