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Electric Ladyland

Level 1/365 Chapel St, Prahran, VIC
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With a long central bar, raised lounge section, creamy archways, and elegant balcony overlooking Chapel Street, Electric Ladyland has an ambience that is both stylish and inviting. The walls are adorned with sultry paintings, ornate 80’s vinyl montages and retro photography, so there’s as much on offer to feed the eyes as quench the thirst.

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Electric Ladyland Review

Review By Kat Pollard

I’m not sure if the owners of electric lady land were trying to achieve confusion with their name but upon arrival I half expected to see lingerie clad strippers everywhere and being on the slightly dodgy end of Chapel street it’s anyone’s guess.

Fact 1: Electric Lady land is most definitely not the place to take it off and shake your god given talents, although I don’t doubt that a few trashy socialites have done it. The place was named after the Hendrix album, a music obsession that’s tied throughout the whole venue.

Fact 2: It’s a grownups paradise. In one well divided room, Electric (as it’s known to the clubbing veteran) is a giant and slightly OHS incident prone grand staircase away from a seriously classy bar. It’s a very red carpet type of a place, in fact I think I remember the carpet being red, or maybe that was just all the wine I drank. The room is mainly taken up by the island bar situated smack bang in the middle, which leaves little space for the sweaty bodies wanting to bump and grind on the dance floor. Despite this small size, it’s perfect for drinking, chatting and dancing where you can find the space. On the far side is an elevated platform with some seriously swank couches and tables. A great booth styled area, if you can snag one quickly enough, is the perfect setting for a drink and a chat. It’s often used as a catwalk throughout the year for fashion shows and you feel a little bit special sitting there.

Fact 3: Drinking is a pleasure. The bar is beautiful; you can sit, stand or go outside to smoke. The place is fancy so expect paying a little more for your drink. The cocktail list is sophisticated with a bit of attitude. All the cocktails are music related and make you feel like a god damn rock star. Try the Hendricks for a fresh twist on the classic martini

Fact 4: The staff have egos and attitudes that challenge true celebrities. Maybe it’s the glamour of the place that gets to their heads or perhaps they spend too much time powdering their noses in the individual toilet cubes. The bar staff are not always polite and make sure you look like you belong at Electric or be warned, you may not get past the security guards. Don’t be a smart arse or you won’t get service. Perhaps arse kiss to the point just before desperate, after all this is the place for rock stars and every good rock star has a posse of groupies.

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