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Cru Bar

22 James St, Fortitude Valley, QLD
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Queensland’s state winner, Australia’s Winelist of the Year Awards 2009. This venue patrons with genuinely considered wine, cocktails, spirits and food; whilst encompassing the delight of a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere, executed with grace and precision by our skilled and friendly staff. Win lovers take note, as this venue is reknown for its selection.

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What to Expect @ The Cru Bar

By Pia Mulligan

On a dark, mysterious road known as James Street in Fortitude Valley, far from the drunken teenage shenanigans of the central clubbing area, lies a bar that is incredibly hard to find. Our monthly work cocktail night was being held at the Cru Bar and looking back, I really should have Google-mapped directions before I left. My boyfriend and I kept our eyes peeled for James Street as we walked down Anne Street, which just so happens to be the road of flashy car yards. “Oh my god, it’s the new Audio Ts1203ks2948 (or whatever it’s called)!,” my boyfriend exclaimed. Oh great, we were going to be here for a while.

After hearing every single feature of the new car, we continued searching for the hidden venue – eventually, we had to ask two kind strangers for directions. We spotted a yellowish hue coming from one of the buildings just ahead and knew we had finally reached our destination.

As I walked in, I realised the appropriate attire for the Cru Bar is smart casual and not the full-on clubbing gear I could embarrassingly be seen in that night (complete with ample bling). The crowd was fun and talkative though, and didn’t seem to care I was a little overdressed. A cellar filled with expensive wines that takes up the whole back wall suggested this is a more mature bar, which was reflected in the crowd that was made up mostly of 25-40 year olds. It was such an “I’m here for a good time,” kind of atmosphere, that we made a couple of friends at the bar and I was surprised the Top 40 music was background noise to all the chatter; so if you’re after a place where you can actually talk to people without yelling, the Cru Bar is ideal.

There are several different seating options at the Cru Bar: an outdoor deck, along the edge of the bar, and two lounged areas against the wall closest to the outside footpath. Although the last three areas are inside the building, two large and open windows give the bar an alfresco feeling wherever you choose to sit. This is particularly useful on a Friday night when it is at its busiest, as the air seems to diffuse the mix of other people’s perfume and sweat. The inside lighting can only be described as very flattering mood lighting; dimly lit yellow lights, that are great if you are planning to take lots of photos.

The drink prices make it the perfect venue for a work cocktail party. Cocktails average at around $16 a pop, meaning that unless you’ve got money to blow, you’re not likely to get drunk and worry if you still have a job the next day. Having seating around the bar and having to stand between and reach over the people sitting there made it a bit awkward getting a drink. Fortunately, the bartenders were quick and efficient so we didn’t have to wait long and the cocktails are ah-mazing. I strongly recommend the Apple Pie!

As we started walking back to the city, a streetlight ahead of us went out. Having recently re-read the Harry Potter books, I suspected Dumbledore was there with his ‘put-outer’ and realised our quest to find the Cru Bar was much like Harry’s first expedition to Diagon Alley. I wouldn’t go as far as to say the night was magical, but it was certainly a fun night bonding with my fabulous co-workers! I

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