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Colmslie Hotel (Lounge Bar)

Corner of Wynnum and Junction Roads, Morningside, QLD
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The Colmslie Hotel has been completely renovated, turning it into the perfect meeting place for a quiet drink, romantic dinner or corporate function.

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What to Expect @ The Colmslie Hotel

By Julia Taylor

McGuires Colmslie Hotel Morningside is the “local” hub to many. By day it is a working man’s pub and by night it is bar/club.

The Colmslie is actually divided up into about six sections: the main bar with a pool-room, TAB, bottle-shop, pokies, outside seating and the dining area. They also have accommodation available. Each section targets a different crowd making the joint and all-rounder venue.

A variety of people go there because the place offers so much. There were groups dressed-up for a birthday party, mates catching up over a few games of pool and people out to have a dance. So you can dress-up or arrive casual and comfortable. During the day it is more a working man’s local, so the atmosphere is different. It’s becomes a place where people come to have the unwind drink. Work boots and singlets are allowed during the day. Everyone is welcome to the hotel, but the dress code kicks in at 10pm.

The main bar is set up to look like a night club with dim lighting and rave lights around the dance floor. When we got there the band was playing, which is a Friday tradition. They also have a resident DJ playing the latest hits.

While I was having a wander around, three things really stood out about the place: firstly, the place is well laid out and you can expect to get a table for two or 10 without hassle. Secondly, the bouncers and bar staff have the pub attitude so they were really friendly and happy to have a chat. Even when the bouncers asked someone to leave because of the dress code, they were nice about it. And finally, while the place wasn’t overly busy, the band still pulled a decent crowd to the dance floor. It was nice to see everyone enjoying themselves out in the suburbs.

Getting to the bar was simple enough because it’s really big. Drink prices are your average pub prices with pints around ($8.20) and basic spirits ($6.50).The bistro is a family friendly environment. It is completely separate from the bar. Food-wise, the hotel offers a variety of meals such as snacks ($6.00), light meals ($15av) or mains ($20av). Most nights there will also be drink and food specials. But dinner finishes at 9pm, remember to get in early.

Although this is a “local” hangout, management is obviously trying to cater to many demographics. They offer Karaoke on Thursdays, roast lunch specials on Sundays and host random events such as mini golf tournaments.

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