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Club Liv

Ground Floor/First Floor, 26 Orchid Avenue
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Welcome to our world…The nightlife landscape of the iconic party precinct is set to be redefined with Club Liv. Club Liv is more likened to an imperial palace. With spectacular, awe-inspiring structures combined with intense luxury, Liv incorporates futuristic technology with the most advanced light and sound systems in the world.

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Club Liv Review

Review by Emma Willemsen

Lights, camera, action! Literally.

Welcome to Liv Nightclub, the latest edition to the iconic party district that is Surfers Paradise. With the world’s largest nightclub LED matrix, the atmosphere of Liv adds up to a whole lot of fun and a big night out.

We’re talking wall to wall and ceiling of full blown light action with moving headlights, full colour lasers and haze machines.

This isn’t the venue to start your night with pre-drinks but the place that ends it with a bang! Containing multiple booths with smooth luxury furniture, it marks a definite go to place on a night out on the glitter strip.

Club Liv also features a dance floor directly in front of its resident DJ booth that plays all the hits so you’ll be dancing till the sun comes up.

Unlike many other clubs that can quickly become unbearably hot after dancing to two or three songs, party goers will be impressed with the club’s air conditioning that adds to the party atmosphere without having to leave just for a breath of fresh air!

The club’s dance floor is also separated from the bar via a few small stairs which gives space to those purchasing drinks.

The impressive 360 degree bar is decorated with beautiful female bartenders and features a range of premium spirits that vary from an average price of $9-12.

If out with a few friends, or making new ones, the teapot shots are recommended! The bar staff concoct a specialty shot of your choice enough for up to six people in a teapot accompanied with shot glasses.

You can choose from a variety of shots that you will find on the list at the bar including Apple Crumble, Cock-sucking Cowboy and a Fruit Tingle.

The crowd you can expect to encounter at this venue range anywhere between 18 and 30 in this place but majority of those attending are those fresh out of high school. They’re young and recently free who are looking to let loose and get a taste for the night life.

Given that Friday and Saturday nights are the expected days to enjoy the clubs atmosphere, there’s plenty to enjoy throughout the week with Industry Mondays, Bottle Popping Wednesdays and Ladies First on Thursdays.

Plus, if you want to save on the entry fee of around $10-$15, don’t forget you can always sign up on the guest list and enjoy VIP treatment from the lovely staff.

However, do not be fooled by the pretty colours and sleek furniture, this is not a place for a quiet night out and a relaxed drink. This is the go-hard-or-go-home type of place which separates the party-goers from the party-all-nighters.

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A Second Review of Club Liv

Review by Peggy Ford

When the talk of the town was all about the arrival of a new prestige nightclub deemed unlike anything else on the Gold Coast, I expected just another club with a slightly better paint-job and a name change. But after strutting along the red carpet entrance and up the stairs of Club Liv, I now realise what all the hype was about!

This club truly separates itself from Surfers Paradise’s infamously tacky clubbing scene. When you walk in for the first time you stand there, jaw dropped, blocking the entrance, completely dazzled. The entire walls and ceiling are scattered with thousands of sparkling lights that flicker, change colour and dart around the room creating this surreal, out-of-space vibe. Absolutely everything sparkles, glows and glitters, leaving even the most sober of us, feeling a bit tipsy from it all. I also found that every photo I took turned out trippy, yet somehow flattering because of all the crazy lighting effects.

But like all things amazing, they come at a cost and this nightclub offers an experience that I think is unquestionably worth the $10-20 entry fee, which varies depending on the night. However, if you give the club a call they will be able to get you on the guest list (and that special list means free entry!) They also offer VIP cards that can be used on a regular basis for people like me who will be back much more than just once.

For a relatively small club, there is this gigantic 360-degree bar. Any slow service could easily be forgiven because the bar girls are friendly and beautiful. Another perk? Every kind of Patron tequila… on tap! Basic spirit’s cost a standard $8.50 but I recommend you try at least one cocktail from their amazing selection, made to perfection. Club Liv is a glamorous and upscale type of place, here you will find the general crowd are mostly in there 20’s and dressed to impress. The music varies from night to night depending on which DJ’s hitting the decks, but a good top 40 mix, a few past club favourites and some high-energy dance tunes get the crowd moving.

Every nights a party at Club Liv which is open 7 nights a week. Ladies night is celebrated on Tuesday and Thursday which mean special treatment for the all you girls and lots of girls for all you guys! The general dress code is smart casual. But… Unlike most nightclubs on the GC with strict visible tattoo policies, if you happen to have some ink here and there (that isn’t gang related) you won’t be denied entry for flaunting your artwork. A final noticeable quality is Club Liv’s decision to exclude the drunk, messy pub-crawls that club hop around Surfers by the hundreds, ensuring an exclusive nightclub experience you won’t forget.

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A Third Review of Club Liv

Review by Lianna Speers

Strolling along Orchid Avenue in six inch heels with the girls and guys, never once exposed to the clubbing life; it was a little confronting when advertisers from other clubs try and lure you in with free access and unbelievable compliments about how good the girls looked. Once you show interest in what they’re saying, you end up in that exact club.

Club Liv is a new club on Orchid Avenue; with any new club, you try to get as many people in as possible. But with the fierce competition from Shooters and Sin City, it’s hard to obtain people to try a new tradition.

Generally, entry costs around $15, but every club has a guest list, so register and get the luxury treatment; walk past the line and wave, keep your purses and wallets closed and venture up the stairs into an intense atmosphere before anyone else.

Many would be impressed with the lighting and sound system. Club Liv uses extensive sound systems that are useful in a stadium, NEXO to the specific – just be prepared to go home partially deaf and expect that annoying ringing noise in your ears (although that noise does determine that you had a good night out).

Two words for the lighting: LED Matrix; walls, ceilings all with lights flashing uncontrollably, haze machines, strobe and laser lights leaving your vision completely paralysed. This lighting set up is certainly not for the faint hearted or those who get dizzy easily. Just imagine sipping on your drink and seeing all the lights around you going crazy – the two together are definitely a party, not to mention the music making it a wild package deal.

The music has been remixed into today’s top 40 music, but don’t be surprised when there’s three or four songs mixed into the one. I must say it is a little embarrassing when you’re bustin’ your best moves and then the song changes right before your favourite bit.

Expect to see a lot of young people experiencing the party life, but be aware that a handful of older people like to get down and dirty to. Have respect for those oldies that can still get low. You will certainly bump into uni students as Orchid Avenue is a hot spot for them.

The décor is exquisite and classy; the bar has a view all four corners of the club and overlooks the dance floor. Once you walk up the stairs you can turn left to enter the dance for or right to explore the seating area, there’s an opportunity to feel like a VIP because the bar staff are always walking around assisting you (just imagine is you actually were VIP).

If Surfers Paradise is on your agenda, this club is certainly well worth a look, I had a good time so come down and experience a good time too. Grab your dancing shoes or your highest heels and flaunt it. Just make sure you’re a party person and can handle your nightlife, otherwise you may as well go home. When Queensland parties, they party hard!

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