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Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

Club Boutique

26 Orchid Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD
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Club Boutique (opened May 2015) is open Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 9pm until 5am with longer trading during high holiday season and special event periods. Feel the music with a mix of sexy RnB and Hip Hop mixed with some party classics and top 40 hits with the Gold Coast’s hottest in demand resident DJs.

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What To Expect At Club Boutique

Written by Jade Catanese

After having my ID photo blown up on a screen for the whole world to see on their electronic ID checker, I was admitted entry to Club Boo. Walking in, I was immediately confronted by a ridiculous amount of candy skulls. Everywhere. Admittedly, candy skulls are not my most favourite of things, so I wasn’t expecting much.

Making my way up the spiral staircase, I could hear the loud mainstream/remixed club music (you know, just general club music) pumping. I guess you could call it a mixture of pop, R&B; and house? It was 11pm by that stage and the dance floor was already ripe with people dancing/making out with each other. There are also podiums spotted around the floor for people to jump up on and have their moment as the dancing queen. The party goers appeared to be anyone from lil 18 year old newbies to seasoned 23 year old partying professionals.

What I personally loved was the ample amount of seating available. Not only are there bar stools and tables to sit at with a friend and a drink, but there are also lounges for people to get cosy on. I definitely enjoyed those, dragging my friend along with me so we could discretely swap shoes as mine were getting far too uncomfortable… Classy, I know.

Also worth noting are the really good birthday packages available at Boo. I was there with a friend for her birthday and I can definitely confirm how great they are. Advertised as “free VIP parties”, the package includes free entry for your group before 11pm, as well as free basics for the birthday person and $5 basics for their friends all night. I don’t know about you, but cheap drinks are good enough for me. And all night? Done and done. There are also guest lists available and great deals for ladies night if your birthday isn’t for a while.

Walking/stumbling out of the door for a quick breather, I also found the perfect area to sit and enjoy being able to hear yourself think. In addition to a couple of park benches, there are also concrete benches, although it can be hard to steal a spot around 2am when everyone’s looking for a cigarette. With the cheap drinks flowing, it was hard not to have a good night. If you love Cocktails and Dreams or loved Club Liv, you’ll definitely have a fun time at Club Boo.

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