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641 Ann St, Fortitude Valley, QLD
(07) 3873 6600

From the group that brought you the Empire, Birdee Num Num, Family and the Press Club comes what can only be described as a venue of epic proportions. Spread over 4 levels, Cloudland is simply an open air venue with a decidedly curvaceous yet modern feel emanating throughout the 4 levels. With 4 bars with names like Madame Hedges and Crystal Palais, you can be assured a night of exquisite elegance and sophistication at this premier Brisbane venue. Once you immerse yourself in what only can be described as a futuristic (and no doubt hedonistic) garden of Eden, you will redefine what it means to go clubbing

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Cloudland Review

Review By Matthew Hart

Spanning across 4 levels the venue has a lot to offer from a stylish modern design to a timeless sophistication. Cloudland is like nothing else in the entertainment precinct and its brilliance cannot be put into words; the simplest way is to describe it as the decadence and glamour of Studio 54 meets the Garden of Eden.

I approached the door of Cloudland hopeful I would get let in as I had heard the dress code was strict, to my delight we got let in almost instantly and was pleased to find there was no cover charge (a rarity for a Valley venue). A quick tip to clubgoers looking to get in with no dramas; wear a collared shirt and dress shoes. It was just after 1am and I admittedly was getting worn out from what was already a big night, however stepping through the doors of Cloudland I was reinvigorated by the enormity and stylishness of the venue and was prepared to party on.

I felt like a kid in a toy store, being constantly amazed and surprised over and over again by every nook and cranny of this exciting club. No matter who you are you will feel like a VIP in Cloudland, everything in the club feels like it’s been taken from the most exclusive and up market venues. It makes you wonder what the closed off VIP areas and private function rooms are like. Having soaked in everything the first level had to offer we headed upstairs to the The Glass Ball Bar. I was amazed all over again when we got upstairs with a mix of booths and chilled out lounges and the bar which features over 19,000 glass bulbs that light up to create an awe inspiring light show.

The venue offers an extensive array of beers and cocktails and the speed racks behind the bars feature almost double the amount of basic than most bars. There wasn’t a long wait for drinks and best of all the entire venue was packed but it wasn’t a tight squeeze to get from one end of the room to the other. Even better was the crowd; students mixed with suits and young hung out with old, and with only the best dressed getting in you can count on no riff raff getting in and ruining your night.

As the night drew to an end I reluctantly left the venue, leaving behind the other worldly feel of Cloudland. After leaving Cloudland I went straight home knowing that nothing could compare with Cloudland that night. So do yourself a favour and get out your collared shirts, your finest dress shoes and your designer dresses and head to Cloudland for a night like no other.

A 2nd Cloudland Review

Review By Candice Badinski

Stepping through the grand doors of Cloudland feels a lot like stepping through the gateway into another world. A beautiful mirage of plants and water features, Cloudland describes itself as ‘a futuristic garden of Eden’ and it is by no great stretch of the imagination that one can see exactly where its creators are coming from with this depiction.

Located in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, the glamour of Cloudland is a far cry from the inner city suburb’s rather shabby surrounds. And whilst Brisbane plays host to a variety of impressive cocktail bars, Cloudland really is something special. Exquisite detail is laced in to every aspect of this amazing venue, making each trip full of new discoveries and magic even for those who frequent it regularly. From the brocade lined ceiling and intricate embroidery on the cushions adorning each comfortable couch to the indulgent bathroom furnishings, no detail, however minor, is overlooked at Cloudland. Some particularly noteworthy features include the silver man statue standing before a large waterfall that runs down the pane of the front window, and the spectacular glass bar on the upper floor, which is constructed from 19,000 glass balls made by hand.

Brought to us by the nightclub masterminds responsible for The Family, Empire, The Press Club, Birdee Num Num and more, Cloudland has become a stand out venue and one that Brisbane can be proud of as it is not quite like anything else around. Cloudland is spread over an impressive four floors (including two function areas) with an expansive glass roof that can be opened at the touch of a button to allow natural light and air to cascade through the lower and upper levels, adding to the illusion of being in some kind of otherworldly garden, or perhaps a dream.

But what is a good cocktail bar without some decent cocktails to go along with it? Thankfully, Cloudland presents a pleasing array of cocktails, featuring a mix of both traditional and innovative concoctions. Treat yourself to the rose street highball – containing vodka, aperol, grapefruit juice and rose syrup – for a delightful and very unique example of the tasty offerings of this unusual venue. There is also an extensive wine, beer and spirits list for those that way inclined. However, if you decide to visit Cloudland on a Friday or Saturday night you may want to order two drinks at a time as the line can be considerable.

Cloudland also offers food – including casual tapas style and cheese platter menus, and more formal dining in the ‘Butterfly Garden’, which is open for lunch from 12pm till 3pm Wednesday to Sunday and dinner from 6pm till late Wednesday to Saturday. But if you’re looking for something a little different to do during the week, Cloudland also offers personal tours on Wednesday nights, Swing music on Thursday nights including Swing dancing lessons every third Thursday of the month, Oyster Fridays (fresh oysters for only $1 each), and events such as Melbourne Cup lunch, and Thong Day to raise money for Youngcare. This unique and beautiful venue certainly has something for everyone and is a must see for both locals and guests alike.

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