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Clock Hotel

470 Crown St, Surry Hills, NSW
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The bar where time never stands still. A combination of elegance and a casual atmosphere, the famed Clock Bar is frequented regularly by uni students and professionals alike. A must see in Surry Hills, whether it’s for a few, or a few too many.

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The Clock Hotel Review

Review by Kassia Byrnes

As anyone who is or was once a student knows, the end of exams is something worth celebrating. To mark the end of this semester we decided to do so by exploring an area we’d previously overlooked: Surry Hills. Walking along Crown Street we were spoiled for choice, but the Clock Hotel looked so vibrant we couldn’t resist.

Clock Hotel has about 4 different rooms, all filled with different age groups and providing different things to do. Of course, the two things they all have in common are a bar and a crowd. This place is busy. There is a hustle and bustle that’s impossible not to get caught up in, but the crowd is friendly and interactive. Whether you’re a male or female, if you’re looking to pick up, or just make new friends, this is defiantly somewhere you should try.

On every level, cocktails are approximately half price at $9 between 6 and 7pm which means the only problem is picking your favourite room to drink it in.

On entry you are faced with what I would call the sports room. Football plays on TV screens around the room and people from early 20s onwards sit at high tables and stools watching. A large bar in the middle pumps out beer after beer.

At the back of the room a couple of stairs take you up to another room filled with pool tables and chairs. Abba was being blasted over the sound system as a mixed group of ages played pool and chilled out. I would call this the quietest room, but it was still very busy.

Walking back out of the pool room to the left you come to a corridor where you can walk upstairs or down. Downstairs is the Lounge Bar, which is small and crowded. It looks just as you’d imagine from the name. If you can fight your way through the people you can get yourself a drink from the small bar at the front of the room and work your way back to sit on part of the long lounge that borders the room. Most likely though, you’ll be stopped somewhere in the middle by someone looking to chat. The age here is slightly higher, mostly late 20s to mid-30s.

Upstairs is the Balcony bar. To me, this was the main and the trendiest room. The bar is tucked away in the corner to make room for long tables and lots of couches. The music can barely be heard over the loud chatter of people in their 20s mingling with each other. It doesn’t matter what size the group you came with is because it’ll be expanded by the end of the night. A long thin balcony wraps around the room and overlooks the street. It’s crowded and you won’t always get a space, but if you do it’s the perfect place to escape the noise of inside and enjoy your drink.

No matter what you want from your night out, the Clock Hotel will provide it with a smile.

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