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Clarences Bar and Restaurant

566 Beaufort St, Mount Lawley, WA
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As the seasons are changing the need for a refreshing sip and a light meal becomes undeniably essential, Clarences is here to accommodate you and your plans in a relaxed, small bar atmosphere. Whether you’re catching up with your favourite people over a glass or three from our meticulously prepared wine menu or starting the weekend’s festivities with our extensive imported beer list and insatiable stomach-liners, our attentive and knowledgable staff will be there to guide you through your culinary pursuits and intoxicating indulgences every step of the day.

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Clarence’s Bar and Restaurant Review

Review by Fiona Brewer

What’s that? Another small bar in Perth.


But wait – what’s this? It’s a small bar in Perth that actually got it right.

Clarences is another establishment mixed up in the small bar revolution happening in Perth on an alleyway/corner/ roundabout near you! However, unlike some of the small bars that juxtapose themselves to their surrounds, Clarences just oozes Beaufort Street. What works about Clarences is there is something for everyone including the suits, students, and swingers of Mount Lawley.

Looking in from the front, you wouldn’t think the place had much to offer; however, inside it’s a completely different story. You walk into the restaurant, located at the front of the building, then traverse to the drinking area. The bar is clearly the main focal point in this area and its impressive! It’s small but there’s enough room to move and the decor is a mixture of dark oak and industrial bricking. You can continue on through the venue to find yourself in a quaint decked area has a rooftop feel about it – surprising since you’re at ground level!

Now when I said there was something for everyone, I wasn’t lying! This is one of the most diverse drinks menus I have come across from your student priced cider pint ($6 Stowford Press on Sundays) all the way up to the good stuff made for toasting a new business merger (Old Pultney 17 Year Old Whisky).

The drinks menu is excellent because it offers that flexibility and you can see that in the range of cliental. Similarly the drinks menu is also quite unique and frankly it wouldn’t be a Mount Lawley Bar if it wasn’t. They’ve got a good range of local and international stuff. I was very happy to see James Squire, Matso’s Ginger Beer, Kirin and Cooper’s long necks available! There is a bit of an emphasis on cider at this bar, however if anything it works in their favour as cider is a big crowd pleaser.

Another plus for this venue is the bar tenders actually know what they’re doing. Unlike some of the larger bars which produce ‘checkout-chick’ style bartenders, these guys know their stuff. I had a fantastic Mojito, (very Miami Vice style) which went down a treat while sitting outside on the decking.

The diverse nature of the bar (and also the suburb it’s in) produces a wide range of people. You will find people from 18 all the way up to mid-forties in this place, but they all have one thing in common: they are sporting some fabulous style! Mount Lawley is an artistic-north of the river – equivalent to Fremantle – so it’s great for people watching. Clarences was buzzing with skinny-leg jeans, vintage dresses, statement jewelry, pashminas, and leather jackets – very fashion forward. Don’t let this deter you from the place though, because it is a very enjoyable afternoon.

Small bar managers should definitely take a leaf out of Clarences book because it is definitely doing something right!

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