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Claremont Hotel

1 Bay View Tce, Claremont, WA
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Snce 1900 The Claremont Hotel has stood proudly at the top of Bay View Terrace, Claremont. Throughout our extensive history this iconic venue has undergone several identity changes, returning to its original name … The Claremont Hotel … following a stylish refurbishment in 2002. Defined by our hugely succesful Thursday and Sunday Sessions, this Western Suburbs institution has stood the test of time and popularity, to cement our reputation as one of Perth’s greatest entertainment venues

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The Claremont Hotel Review

Review by Tom Zaunmayr

The Claremont hotel has been a premier entertainment stalwart for generations of Perthites. Situated in the heart of Perth’s glamorous Western suburbs, the Claremont has built a strong reputation for creating events to satisfy all ages. With a train line right next door and arguably the most infamous club in Perth just down the road, the Claremont is one of the most popular destinations in town.

Despite its snobbish surrounds, The Claremont retains a very modest approach to business. The décor is very rustic, showing off the rich history enshrined within the bar walls. Some of the many obscurities include bookcases on the walls, 60’s style diamond features behind the bars (surrounded by famous guitars of course!), and the reliable old solid bronze taps of an era gone by.

The prices somewhat reflect this modesty too. Meals are very cheap, and good. All of their main meals are priced between $12-$20. The cocktail & wine lists are short and sweet, covering the essentials at affordable prices. Be careful if you’re ordering beer though. Jugs are decently priced given what’s on offer, but instead of serving pints they have schooners for only a little less than an average pint would cost. Quite sneaky, but people don’t seem to mind.

Given the calibre of events at the Claremont, its not unsurprising to see a busy & energetic crowd fill the bottom floor every night of the week. Bingo, quiz nights, Open Mic nights and Battle of the Bands keep the Claremont buzzing with activity throughout the week. Come the weekend and the top floor opens up to the sound of top40 & popular music driving a vibrant & youthful crowd to the dance floor.

And then there are Thursday nights. With the infamous Clubba Thursdays a stones through away its hardly surprising that many of the young lustful crowd choose to head to The Claremont for pres before the Clubba doors open at 10pm. The top floor essentially becomes a place for 18-21 year olds to prime themselves for a big night of drinks and that inevitable Clubba hook up/mistake.

The Claremonts ‘Sunday Driver’ is little more laid back, the top floor still pumps out the hits but usually to a more mature crowd, as the young ones tend to choose Clubba as their Sunday destination. The bottom floor presents a much more mellow affair, suitable for those after a more subtle finish to the week. Chilled out sounds are ripe in the air creating a pleasant, soothing atmosphere, great for those who are a little hung over from the night before!

Claremont is an energetic venue that has maintained a high standard of entertainment for many decades now. The mature crowd is always pleasant, and on the nights where youth takes over The Claremont comes alive with pumping beats, flashing lights and that ‘keen’ youthful energy that’s often lost in historical venues. A must visit location for everyone north, south, east & west!

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A Second Review of The Claremont Hotel

Review By Katherine Loughnan

Popular for it’s Thursday and Sunday night sessions, the Claremont Hotel is the ideal place to kick off your night. Situated at the top of Bay View Terrace, the Claremont Hotel is the who’s who of the western suburbs. Be there to be seen looking good in designer clothes and all.

Since 1900, the Claremont Hotel has accommodated for the young teens to the mid twenty year olds. Its two levels cater for a variety of moods; chill downstairs with a drink and listen to live bands playing some golden oldies, or head upstairs and dance to the latest hits. The lower level can get quite packed with many people choosing to relax and sit outside on the verandah (which is always crowded) or hang around the bar and mingle. Upstairs there is another bar, dance space and plenty of couches and tables to hang around.

Having been refurbished in 2002, the Claremont Hotel is classic but funky at the same time. Antique styled chairs, couches and carpet mats – it’s obvious the Claremont has been around for a while. However, the bright lights and elegant bars keep the Claremont looking up-to-date and classy.

With no entry fee and drinks ranging from $8 to $14, a night out at the Claremont doesn’t do too much damage to your bank account. However, be sure to get there well before 9pm – after this time, everyone starts heading to Club Bay View (known as Clubba to the locals), which is a quick walk from the Claremont Hotel.

Conveniently, there are ATM’s nearby, Hungry Jack’s around the corner for a seedy feed and Clubba, a place to kick on into the early hours of the morning. Across the road is the Claremont train station and taxis pass through regularly so it’s hard to find a reason not to go to the Claremont Hotel!

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