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Chapel Bar At Kinselas Hotel

383 Bourke St, Darlinghurst, NSW
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This beautiful art deco inner city bar offers comfort and class. You can grab a seat in the popular area, and watch as Taylor Square passes you by or have an intimate conversation in the cosy lounge area.

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Kinselas Review

Review by Julius Ruaya

I’ll be honest: on a Friday night you’ll probably find me exploring an abandoned building or a drain. Because of my usual bar escapades, I was nervous about going to Kinselas. It wasn’t a good sign when I could see the bouncer, a naturally imposing man, size me up when I walk in. The gentle lighting calmed my nerves though, as I walk to the bar and order a cider.

Kinselas’ decor is old-meets-new with the modern bar area set against the grander style of its older neighbour. What could have been a case of oil and water is instead tied together with art deco styling throughout; the result is a classy bar that is nice to relax alone in or with friends.

I sat with my drink in the pews of the latter room and placed my head on the rest and it’s glamorously 1920s. The high ceiling makes the room feel spacious even though the floor area is the size of a cottage. The owners have used creamy light green and grey with fittings in gold for the colour scheme – the result is a space that is calming and pleasant to be in.

My nerves ease as my glass empties. From my pew I can see a few twenty-somethings around me; they dress quite casually in hoodies, jeans and trackies. I’m clearly overdressed in my dress jacket and jeans…such is Kinselas’ carefree nature.

After more sips, I move to the bar area. Music videos play from a television that hangs from the wall. Here, black and cream rule and I sit in a space both modern and sophisticated but still retaining the venue’s art deco styling. I’m more exposed to the outside world here and I see cars drive past and hear people talk loudly. Despite this, the bar is no less relaxing than the previous room.

So far Kinselas’ was treating me, as someone who generally stays from these places, quite well. I relax deeper into the warmth surrounded by tea candles on each table, flickering as the air turned.

Later on, I go back to the bar for a Long Island Iced Tea. I wanted to test the service and my new drink appears quickly. Kinselas’ decor and atmosphere come at a price, though: drinks aren’t cheap. With $8 schooners and $16 your wallet empties quickly. Nonetheless, Kinselas’ will become one of my favourite above-ground haunts.

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