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Chaise Lounge

105 Queen St, Melbourne, VIC
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Known for being one of Melbourne’s longest standing, leading cocktail hot-spots. Famous for its ‘elegant and unique genie-bottle decor’ and an extensive cocktail list, Chaise Lounge caters to both the corporate world and weekend clubbers. Hidden away like so many Melbourne bars and cocktail lounges in a quiet alley, Chaise Lounge is a cocktail enthusiasts heaven, with a vast array of beverages and an atmosphere of pure delight.

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Review By Heather Bloom

Deep beneath the bowels of Melbourne lies a decadent world of enchantment filled with rich fabrics and antique mirrors that expose the grandeur of a favorite Melbourne hotspot. From the surface of Queen Street, Chaise Lounge is an unimposing venue only distinguishable from its bright pink sign and the long line that stretches past CQ next door. But you can forget the messy teenyboppers next door as Chaise Lounge caters to the more refined tastes of the over 21 year old market.

Most evenings entry is free and the music is pumping. Wednesday is jazz night where a local jazz trio will sing your troubles away as you sip on a delicious cocktail made by some of Melbourne’s best up-and-coming bar tenders. A fine range of boutique beers is also available behind the bar as well as the usual suspects of spirits, wines and bubbles.

Behind the red velvet curtain at Chaise you’ll find none of the pretentious atmosphere that invades other Melbourne venues – only great music, friendly staff and a crowd of mixed personalities. Friday night is home to the after work crowd who will be picking up two glasses of champagne for $5, a basic spirit for $6.50 or the cocktail of the week for $9.50. On Saturday you can dance your heart out to the greatest of old school beats, brought to you by DJ Mr. Taske, who will spin Madonna, Michael Jackson and all the brilliant dance tunes of the past to get your body moving. If you get there before 10:30pm on a Saturday, you’ll receive free entry (a rarity in Melbourne!).

So if you’re after a quiet evening of Gin and Tonics, visit Chaise Lounge early on or midweek and enjoy the ambience as you sink into one of the many lounges scattered around the venue. If a good old fashioned boogie is the only thing on your mind, get there before 10:30 for a spot on the dance floor when the music kicks in and the crowd gets dancing. Open until 3am, you’ll have plenty of time to dance, drink and laugh as Chaise Lounge provides some of the best entertainment and music in town. There is something for everyone at this underground wonderland right in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

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