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Castros is a modern Nightclub with a classic feel. It has something to offer everyone, from a nice relaxing cocktail in the sophisticated lounge area with ambient music, to an upstairs section with a heavy focus on providing you with the latest in entertainment & lighting. Split over two levels, Castros is able to diversify its music policy so that everyone knows they can find what they’re after. With RnB and commercial pop on the ground floor, and a House & Electro focus on the first floor – Castros always has the dance floor moving. Castros is well known as Wollongong’s LGBT Nightclub, ensuring a safe nightspot for persons of all backgrounds. At Castros we welcome a diverse crowd, with a door policy relating to behavior not clothing!

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What to Expect @ Castro’s Nightclub

By Jeremy Tosswill

Formerly known as ‘Rustys’, ‘Castros’ is the last stop when all self respecting people have gone home to loved ones or actually care about turning up to work. Like a modern Oscar Wilde novel, Castros is a scrum of the drunk and decadent, vigilante bum pinchers bent on self destruction. They are people unwilling to call it a night fearing and knowing when they wake up it will be to find a stranger in the bed asking for breakfast or lost in foreign streets calling mates to pick them up.

Castros embodies everything I love about Wednesdays. This great day in Wollongong marks the beginning of what I like to call the ‘student weekend’ or the ‘5-day weekend’ a day traditionally marked by extreme intoxication brought on by a dry Monday/Tuesday. 50% of the time a Castros Wednesdays is followed by the classic morning spew and shower sit down, curled up in the corner with the water on, rocking yourself gently. A friend of mine described the decor of the place best ‘nice and dark, smoke and mirrors, strobe lights… good for creeping.’

Bluntly put you go there for 3 reasons. You’ve gone past the point of no return and so decide to keep drinking, caring nothing for the next day. You’ve struck out terribly on an anticipated ‘sure thing’ and have upped the drinking rate to drown your sorrows. Or you’ve convinced yourself, usually wrongly, you’re onto a sure thing you met at an earlier bar and just need to display bumping and grinding abilities to seal the deal.

Open only on Wednesdays and Saturdays, 9pm-3am, Castros is primarily only busy on the Wednesday. I don’t think I’ve ever managed to land there anywhere before midnight, having filled up on drinks on the way. Castros is a final destination so i’ve never been able to take advantage of the drink deals that run from 9pm – 11pm including $4 house spirits, canned beers, premixes, $6 Vodka Redbull, and $7 Jager Redbull and free entry for students. There is however a criminal $5 cover charge for those of us no longer at uni but carrying on like we are. Wollongong cover charges although low generally confuse me, filling me with maligned, bitter anger as I don’t actually understand what I get for them besides the right to use their urinals and spend all my money on drinks. Saturdays allegedly are Wollongongs ‘only gay and lesbian night’ but from all accounts the place is empty.

With 2 levels, 3 bars and an always packed outdoor smoking area you should logically have room to move. However it is often like sweaty sardines mixed with flailing limbs, squeezed into a building shaped like a lane in a bowling alley. But if all this bothers you or you were in a state to notice then you probably shouldn’t of bothered coming in. As you walk in there are around a couple of steakhouse style tables sided by a bar and a few lounges as well where you can lurk, perv and occasionally talk if you still have the ability. As you press further along into the void you reach the point of no conversation as the RnB music of the bottom dance floor and bar makes it impossible to talk or to order a drink. With warm $6 canned beer in hand gained from hand signalling with the bar person you head upstairs to equally loud electro based tunes and for some reason a small stage with a pole and oddly out of place cage. The poles are put to good use usually by those not naturally built to work them but it’s dark, people are past caring and you know you’ve been there to.

Castros means you’ll probably have a great messy Wednesday filled with vague memories of debauchery. If you don’t have the heart or drive it’s best not to bother. Avert your eyes, put your head down and keep walking, take the pie or kebab, complain about the cost of sauce and go home.

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