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Caprice Saturdays is a weekly event with a fresh concept. Each week will be an event in its own self, and each week will be different from the last.. From a jumping castle to roaming fire twirlers, from a ball pit to sumo wrestling.. Even mini golf… And all of this INSIDE THE CLUB. It’s just like a box of chocolates, with a touch of class, bubbles, and a big bunch of playfulness. So adopt a new attitude to going out on a Saturday night, be prepared for something different, be prepared for wonder and amazement, randomness and games. Be prepared to laugh with strangers and marvel at strangeness.. Because if you thought you would never see it in a club, then you just might find it at Caprice Saturdays.

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Review by Tintin Rahman

One day, single dad, enthusiastic bar raider and long-term Telstra guy Stephen Mackinnon plotted Caprice Saturdays with his brother. After months of discussion, planning and promotion, it finally happened. On June 29th 2013, I attended the launch of Caprice Saturdays, the new kid on the block in Richmond.

Take the train to East Richmond and get on the tram up Church Street and get off at the last stop. The first thing you’ll notice is Eureka Hotel, a red structure at 1 Church Street. Caprice is the underground basement adjacent to Eureka Hotel.

Caprice is a Saturdays-only nightclub, designed to offer something different than the week before. That night, the main attraction was a jumping castle (on July 13th, a mechanical bull was scheduled to make an appearance – how Western). Arriving early, I banded up with a few strangers and took a turn on it. Matt Wilson, the editor, who came along with me that night, commented afterwards, “You don’t need a gym. You just need one of these.”

The red and yellow jumping castle looked ‘random’, in the cavernous, dark (the walls, ceiling, floor and the host’s getup were black) space that was Caprice. Several industrial-size heaters dotted the floor, while rainbow-coloured strobe lights flashed on stage. The bar takes its place discreetly near the door. There’s also a cool VIP room upstairs that can be used for small functions, though going to and from the main room from there after having one too many will increase the chances of you stumbling around the stairs.

There were about 100 people at the grand launch, who did not quite fill the space. There seemed to be two crowds – a sophisticated group of 30 to 50 year-olds who preferred to drink standing up and a younger, more cosmopolitan crowd who would sit down at the teak coffee tables and chairs and mingle that way, who would switch it up by having a go on the jumping castle and later, the dance floor.

Generally, the atmosphere was one of fun and relaxation. But because of the two distinct crowds that night, I felt like I was being observed while I was having fun, like a kid being caught in the act by a bunch of ever-responsible adults. Steve, the host (his brother seems to play a less prominent role, socially) mingled with different groups in turn, making everyone feel welcome.

Entry is 15 dollars. The introductory prices for drinks (5 dollars for a shot, for example) helped everyone relax, knowing that Caprice is a new nightclub and not knowing its quality. A glass of wine is priced around 7 to 10 dollars (probably not above 12 dollars). I did not hear any complaints about prices or drinks. The bar looked like it could handle multiple queues too.

I left at 11pm that night, thinking that Caprice Saturdays was a promising nightclub with a point of difference, and hoping that Steve would bring back the jumping castle every now and then. Give it a go.

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