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Candys Apartment

22 Bayswater Rd, Kings Cross, NSW
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Candys Apartment is Sydney’s longest-standing club, a premier night spot and the city’s hub circuit music venue. A real underground club; it uniquely presents both live music and dance music, and as a result hybrid crossovers emerge. It is a true music club providing a stage for artists to develop from and influencing Australia’s music culture. The low ceilings, nooks and crannies, areas that can be curtained off and an intimate bunker-style back bar give the club character and the people a great club experience.

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Candy’s Apartment Review

Review By Kelly Teng

When it comes down to it, good experiences in nightclubs can sometimes be attributed to one word: chance. Candy’s Apartment is one of these nightclubs. At Candy’s (as it is fondly known by frequenters of the club), the experience can either be amazing or mediocre. Unfortunately, my night leant more towards the ‘mediocre’ side, but don’t let that stop you: take my mistakes of the evening, learn from them, and have your own amazing experience there.

The first problem with my night (as with most nightclubs I go to) is the entry fee. Now, I can spare ten dollars or even fifteen, but when a nightclub asks me to fork out the big 2-0 my expectations of it rise. Generally, the idea is to guestlist for deals such as ‘free’ or ‘discounted’ entry, but Candy’s requires you to email them directly to be guestlisted without telling you beforehand how much it will cost you, or what time you need to get there for it to still be in effect. It’s not even advertised on the event posters, which means that you can end up forking out more than you expect. When going there, remember to check the details of this so you don’t end up going bankrupt by the end of the evening.

If the entry fee is regarded as expensive though, the drinks balance it out slightly. Candy’s is cheaper for drinks than its neighbour Soho, which makes it an attractive clubbing spot for students. Candy’s also has a great atmosphere: even the event posters show off its eclectic, off-kilter vibe. Its location as an ‘underground club’ or ‘basement’ means that this vibe hits you from the moment you walk in the door, and doesn’t leave until you leave.

Of course this vibe does mean that the types of people attracted to Candy’s can sometimes be different, but the overall feeling is still pretty good. The crowd that is attracted there largely depends on the music that is played. On the night that I went, there was a band playing which meant that the regular clubbing scene was abandoned and instead people chilled and hung out. While this is all well and good, Candy’s is supposed to be a nightclub: if I wanted a band, I would have gone to World Bar.

Also, because the music that was ‘danceable’ was fairly limited, the ratio of guys to girls was drastically uneven: there were at least two guys for every girl there, which means that chances of picking up for guys was very slim. Try to go on a night where there is a DJ and you will find a great group of people to party into the night with.

While my experience wasn’t the best, Candy’s definitely has the potential to turn your night into something awesome. Basically, just don’t do what I did and I’m sure that you will have a great time there.

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A Second Review of Candy’s Apartment

Review By Lianna Speers

Hardly moving an inch in half an hour, I am becoming frustrated and sick of inhaling everyone’s perspiration, not to mention viewing the crazy outfits from weekend Halloween parties. I am not one for long lines that don’t move. However, it does show that the nightclub is popular and maybe well worth the wait?

Negative. I was sick of waiting so my group and I decided to come back later when the line was shorter.

Eventually we made it back, by this time it was 1:30am, and all the clubs we experienced had entry fees making our money decrease very quickly. I can handle a $10-$15 entry fee – but once we finally gained entry we were hit with a $20 entry fee, which I thought was a bit steep.

After the hesitation of entering to my surprise the atmosphere was pretty chilled and under control; I was highly content watching all the people dance on the dance floor while I sat up in the sitting area analysing the underground music club.

The music was up to my standards, although I am not that fussed on the genre. But for those music maniacs, the music club offers hip-hop, rock, electro and house genres; there is definitely something to show your moves off. Expect guest international and resident DJs to make your night rock even harder!

The décor gave me an earthy vibe, while it is an underground music club it has to live up to the mysteriousness of where the club leads too. I do like going to a club you’ve never been to before and exploring not knowing what’s around the corner. It’s good fun and adds adventure.

The usual suspects you will find at this club are 18-30 year olds, women and men. I do like mixing in with a crowd that has various age groups and observing what they bring to the dance floor. I know that when someone tries to final me to the floor, I need to have the last dance – sober or not.

Now the alcoholic beverages. I don’t drink excessively – a drink here and there just to blend in the crowd serves me fine; needless to say I can enjoy my night without being intoxicated and can remember my night too. BONUS! Depending on what kind of drinker you are, drinks can be cheap or expensive leaving you with no money. I’d suggest pre drinking before you go.

The line definitely determined the popularity of the music club. I suppose it really depends on when you go, who you go with and what other events are on during that weekend to really have a good time at any club. Plus the DJ has to be exceptional in order to have a wild night.

I know that once you enter Kings Cross’s nightlife, the choices of clubs are endless but Candy’s is worth a look! Take your friends down and plan where you want to visit before coming because once you stumble out of your taxi you will be mesmerised by lights and people.

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