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Byblos Bar

Shop 7.13 Portside Wharf, 39 Hercules Street, Hamilton QLD
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Combines imaginative Mediterranean cuisine with lavish hospitality, luxurious surroundings, and a world-class drink selection. The award-winning venue, located in Hamilton on the beautiful Brisbane River, is the ideal location for a quiet dinner, a celebratory cocktail, or a special event.

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Byblos Bar Review

Review By Elly Begley

Byblos is an elegant bar and restaurant located at Portside Wharf in the northern Brisbane suburb of Hamilton. Exuding elegance, this venue offers a personalised bar experience with skilled bartenders and attentive waiters at your service.

There is an impressive cocktail list on offer at Byblos, with my favourite drink being the Byblos Zombie. If your palate doesn’t appreciate the zing of lemon and lime, then let the bar staff help you choose your own favourite drink. The cocktails at Byblos are beautifully presented and range in price from $13 to $19. I would encourage you to try a Byblos cocktail but this bar also boasts an extensive range of spirits, wines, champagnes, beers and much more. Byblos also offers absinthe fountains, which are specially designed water fountains that allow you to traditionally prepare absinthe. Whatever your drink of choice may be, Byblos is able to cater for your needs.

This suburban bar has an air of sophistication about it, so if you’re after a loud, boozy evening then this is not the venue for you. The atmosphere at Byblos is quite subdued with most people engrossed in their own conversations or just relaxing with a drink in hand. Byblos is a beautiful setting for intimate get-togethers, memorable dates and even celebrations. In the bar seating area, there are cozy seats and soft lighting to make you feel comfortable and interesting furnishings that only make the venue seem more luxurious. The two large, golden genie lamps in the seating area add to the mystical feeling of this bar. Byblos prides itself on attention to detail and this is evident in its decor, the drinks it creates and the food it serves.

The Byblos menu is a combination of Mediterranean and Lebanese dishes, with all the food bursting with flavor. As many patrons come to Byblos for a special dining experience, most people are from their early thirties up to a considerably mature age. Younger people should not be deterred from the venue if they are looking for a relatively tame and sophisticated bar experience. Although the drinks are not cheap and neither is the food, Byblos provides a gorgeous place to enjoy the company of friends or that special someone.

I enjoyed the Byblos bar experience in the company of my girlfriends and we had a lovely night, ordering exciting cocktails and choosing delicious tapas dishes. One of the bartenders even made my friend a special mocktail and all the waiters were more than willing to help us with our drink selections.

Byblos offers exceptional service, amazing drinks, an elegant venue and all the other ingredients needed to create a beautiful evening.

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