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Brackenridge Tavern

154 Barrett St, Bracken Ridge, QLD
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The BRT is the perfect place to catch up with family or friends, enjoy a refreshing drink, a delicious meal, relax in modern surrounds, have some fun and earn some BRT rewards points to spend next time you visit. There’s non-stop action at The BRT with the latest gaming technology in the award-winning Goldrush Gaming Lounge, FREE live entertainment in the Rumjungle, family-style value in Panama Jack’s and Gloria Jean’s world famous coffee.

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The Brackenridge Tavern Review

Review by Ashley Barnsley

If you’re looking to party at The Brackenridge Tavern, then the place you’ll want to be is the Rumjungle. It’s connected to the Tavern and is said to be ‘Brisbane’s North-side Party HQ’…It really isn’t.

I mean, if your idea of a good night is empty dancefloors and overcrowded smoking areas then sure, Rumjungle is for you.

Walking into the club I was thrilled to see the stripper poles in the middle of the dancefloor. But guys, do not try and have a go because apparently they are only for the girls. The security guards will get angry, they’ll ask you to step down, and you will be embarrassed. It’s quite dark around the tables, but well lit around the dancefloor (not that anyone was there) which the latest top 40 songs are blasted throughout the night. Other than that, the décor of the club is quite good; they really went all-out to put forward a jungle motif. Tribal print lounges are located in the corner of the club near the pool tables which are perfect for just relaxing or even if you’re ‘on the tune’.

Prices there aren’t too hard on the wallet depending on what promotion they’re having that night. Friday night was vodka night and a Cruiser would set you back around $5. Other drinks start from around $6 and a double black costs less than $10. I dare say the prices are that low to compete with the nearby Eatons Hill, which has clearly taken most of their business.

The toilets are located in the back room near the pool tables and there are more adjacent to the dancefloor. The male’s toilets were surprisingly tidy (aside from the vomit in the urinal, but that’s to be expected). According to my friend, the female’s toilets leave something to be desired.

The Rumjungle is definitely for the younger crowd from around 18-25 on Friday nights, but I did notice a few older groups going around that appeared to be having a ball. If you’re looking for a quiet night where you can shoot some pool and dance alone on the dancefloor without getting dry-humped by everyone, then I would recommend. However, if you’re looking to go crazy – avoid.

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