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Bellevue Hotel

159 Hargrave St, Paddington, NSW
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Nestled among Paddington’s terraces, The Bellevue Hotel is a cosy old-style pub that’s been a local institution since the doors first opened in the 1880s. Popular with everyone from local business folk to sports fans and famous faces looking for an enjoyable night out. The Bellevue is a home away from home. If you’re after a comfortable space to eat fabulous food, have a catch-up drink with friends, enjoy a flutter on the races, or watch a big sporting event, The Bellevue Hotel is just the ticket.

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Bellevue Hotel Review

Review by Julius Ruaya

The Bellevue Hotel is one of my local pubs. Despite this I can count my number of visits on one hand, but I decided to give it another go.

I push the Bellevue’s front door open, and park myself on the table and stools nearest the exit. In front of me a middle aged man is chatting up some girls half his age and to my left, there’s a middle aged couple nursing some white wine and watching a family video.

I turn my attention to the Bellevue’s decor. The wood panels on the walls are a rich chocolate brown and the space above is painted light gray. It feels relaxing. What dominates the walls are framed football jerseys and pictures of racehorses. There are also newspaper clippings from the Second World War. The bar is well stocked with beers and spirits. Next to them is a sign saying “happy hour, Monday – Friday, 5:30 – 6:30pm $4 schooners”. The cabinet above is decorated with small red and white Sydney Swans banners.

The decor gives the Bellevue a calm atmosphere. The gray and brown affect you instantly. In fact, it feels like a big cosy lounge room – you just have the extra of buying a drink from the bar or playing the TAB. The lighting is soft and puts you at ease right away. It’s not hard to imagine a fireplace warming the bar, it feels that inviting. You feel shielded from the outside world.

Although the Bellevue has its charms, you need deep pockets to eat and drink here. A pint will set you back $8.50 and mains are above $20. I can get drunk but not buy a meal.

The clientele range from 20-somethings to the middle-aged. I thought I’d be the only 20-something in the Bellevue sticking out from the middle aged crowd, yet through my night I felt like aged people come and go. I can easily imagine everyone who visits being professionals. All are fashionably dressed as you would expect in Paddington.

I’ve been here before on Saturday night and people line footpath but at 10pm on Wednesday, the girls and the middle-aged man departed long ago and the bar is quiet. The barman is cleaning up and that’s my cue to leave. My only gripe is the noisy air-con but I can recommend the Bellevue to you, whatever the occasion. The atmosphere is cosy and the staff are friendly. My biggest piece of advice for the Bellevue Hotel is to bring extra money.

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