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Beer DeLuxe

Federation Square, Corner Swanston and Flinders St, Melbourne, VIC
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It brings the worlds best beers together with exciting local beers from Victorian microbreweries, combines them with a menu that heightens their flavours, then gives you different options in which to enjoy them. From the relaxed Main Bar, Beer Garden, and Espresso Café on the ground floor, to the cool, more casual Hamburger Bar upstairs in the outdoor square. Every one of the beers has been selected for its unique taste profile and every option on the menu matches the beers.

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Beer DeLuxe Review

Review By Aleesha De Mel

When you want an apple you go to the greengrocer; when you crave some fresh breadyou head to the bakery… and when you want a memorable beer, you go to Beer DeLuxe.

Tucked in next to the National Gallery in Federation Square, Beer DeLuxe is not somuch a single venue but an entire complex devoted to exposing the everyday beerlover to a wide selection of great brews.

The Beer DeLuxe ‘Beer Salon’ prides itself on bringing the world’s best beer to oneplace. From local microbrews to quality imports, here beer is the religion and you,the dedicated worshipper. You won’t find a pot of VB here.

The large split level space features long beer-hall style tables and a collection ofquirky light fittings dotting the ceiling. A large blackboard feature wall adornedwith witty, beer related musings provides plenty of chuckles amongst punters.

The aptly named ‘Beer Bible’ is an enormous selection of bottled beers, divided into12 different styles, from breweries local as Richmond to far flung corners of Europeand Asia. The glossary is a great addition to decipher the detailed descriptions ofeach beer style.

The bar staff are friendly and extremely knowledgeable about their products. It isobvious they are passionate beer drinkers themselves and were happy to answer allthe nerdy questions my drinking partner had. For non-believers there is also a fullystocked spirits bar, short wine list and a thoughtful selection of boutique ciders.

While beer is the main focus, the Salon also offers a generous menu of tasty tapasstyle morsels, designed to perfectly pair with your drink. Also on offer are pizza,pasta and salads at average Melbourne CBD prices.

Outside the beer garden features its own separate bar with cheery red umbrellas anddark timber benches in an attempt brighten up the stark cement and geometry that isFed Square. However a lack of foliage, bar a few spindly trees makes it feel alittle bare and it lacks the character and friendliness of a great beer garden.

During the week the Beer DeLuxe is abuzz with the lunchtime and after work businesscrowd. It’s suits a plenty with a smattering of uni students and the odd tourist.Weekends are a quieter affair with most choosing it as a meeting point for a fewdrinks before heading elsewhere.

Beer DeLuxe is the beer equivalent of fine dining. It is pricey but the experienceof trying some new and exciting is well worth it. With an ever changing selection ofbeers, it’s the sort of place you can keep coming back to and always be pleasantlysurprised. Even the sceptics will leave converted.

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