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Bar 138 On Barrack

138 Barrack Street, Perth, WA
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For just a quiet drink, or something more – BAR138 is the perfect location to slow down, pull up a chair and enjoy the the sunshine in the spacious terrace.Serving breakfast 7 days a week from 7am and lunch, dinner and light snacks Monday – Fridays until 9pm.

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Bar 138 on Barrack Review

Review By Fiona Brewer

Bar 138 on Barrack is the place that time forgot. This quaint bar is laid back and unpretentious. While everyone else is trying to reinvent themselves and outdo each other with innovation, Bar 138 is coasting along oblivious to the small bar revolution that has started to sweep Northbridge and the CBD. It is refreshing to see a place that is so trend-apathetic yet still manages to deliver an enjoyable experience.

This bar is indifferent to its surroundings; whilst Barrack Street is filled with tourists, suits and secretaries, and kids wagging school, Bar 183 is calm and relaxing. The bar is small and modest however it has been cleverly decked out with some funky bold colours and simplistic furniture with a slight Balinese influence. Yes, this bar is like going and getting your hair braided on Kuta beach you sit back and relax, and watch the rat race around you.

The cliental here are of the more mature variety and generally there is a higher male to female ratio than most places. What is surprising is that once a patron has staked their claim and found a spot in the venue, they don’t move. You do feel very comfortable in the venue and whilst some bars are more of a ‘stop over point’, this is definitely a destination watering hole. I have only frequented a few times before but Bar 138 does have a ‘local’ feel about the place which is a stark contrast to what is outside beyond its doors.

As I mentioned earlier, this is the place that time forgot and while some think it’s okay to charge over $10 for a pint, Bar 138 certainly doesn’t! The prices on drinks were very reasonable whilst they have a smaller selection than most; it’s a good range of tap and bottled beer. The prices are very pre-‘mining and cashed up bogan’-boom. The wine list is fairly small but it’s got all the basics like a Chardonnay, Riesling, Shiraz etc. I wouldn’t recommend getting a cocktail, though – as I said these guys aren’t fancy and you’ll be disappointed if you were expecting an earth shattering Mojito. The service is friendly and due to the intimate nature of the venue the bar tenders know what your drinking so generally simply, ‘two more thanks!’ will suffice.

The alfresco area is best enjoyed sipping a beverage after work on Friday. The bar is situated a bit further away from where most of the action happens in the CBD, so although it’s small it doesn’t tend to fill up too heavily. There is also food available and just like the drinks you’ll be hard pressed to find anything over $25.

This bar is exactly that – a bar! What I love about Bar 138 on Barrack is they are not trying to reinvent the wheel. So many new bars and clubs in Perth are trying to become edgier but just completely missing the mark. Bar 138 is kind of like a cool Indie kid at school who refuses to wear shoulder pads just because ‘they’re like totally in!’ Don’t expect to be blown away but do expect an enjoyable and laid back experience which is both relaxed and agreeable.

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