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Anyway Club

20-30 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC
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A hidden mansion in the city which has been lost to the dance music world for years is now finally ready to open its doors and take on the masses.

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Anyway Club Review

Review by Ashleigh Jarra

In a place far far away (literally – location: top end of Bourke Street), there stands a magical entertainment theatre laced with old architectural features and spiral staircases. Just recently the Palace Theatre have opened up the new hip place to be on a Saturday night, Anyway. The line up queue outside may not fit the dozens of girls dressed in skirts, heels and the piece of material they call a top these days, as the theatre is directly on the strip of Bourke Street forcing party goers to line up down the alley way!

Now I must add that you have to be a multi-millionaire to be able to afford the entry fee of $20 (that’s with a guest list), although the cheap $5 basics and $3 pots make up for the loan we had to take out at the door. If you’re familiar with Lab22, you’ll definitely be experiencing some deja vu as the top floor of Anyway is where it was held.

The venue opens up to a massive chill out area with leather couches and bar tables and flows into a multi leveled theatre stage. The entertainment was a 10/10 with various creature-like stilt performers dancing alongside the impressive DJ line up and great art deco decorations hanging from the roof and walls.

The second floor is a great way to get the full assessment of how impressive the venue is as you see 360 degree views of the lower level with a height of 7 metres! The smokers area is on the opposite side of the second floor facing out to Bourke Street where you can experience the beautiful sight of Melbourne’s CBD off a balcony. Following the bass beats upstairs to the third floor is an RnB room with open spaced windows and an imposing sound system in which one can choose to dance around the crowded floor or relax in yet another intimate lounged area.

The venue is licensed to hold thousands therefore expanding to all types of party people to attend and be amazed by the outstanding setting.

The old architectural building holds great aesthetics and performance facilities enabling the entire abode to be filled with a musical journey throughout the entire night. If your over the small crowded one roomed clubs the size of your bedroom, give Anyway a try, witness the venue come to life with great party people, cheap drinks and a range of trance to RnB music.

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